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9/3/2016 c9 18Alinyaalethia
I loved Anne's babbling letter, her obvious relief at having reconnected with Sarah Blythe, who I've always liked but she excels herself here. You can feel Anne's relief as she's writing, likewise Sarah radiating common swnse. Her line about her son's Yukon nonsense was gold.

Dating Gil's letter to the same day was an effective piece of synchronicity. He and Anne know each other, always have, and his realisation that he wants happiness with her more than anything else was perfectly pitched. I wondered at first why you'd woven in the news of women doctors, but in light of the revelations about Norcross this makes sense too, and has been masterfully handled throughout. I'm glad of the resolution there too, I wouldn't have been satisfied had Norcross been left a loose thread of unresolved acrimony. I'm glad to see Anne and Gil come right at last. All this chapter there was a little hum of unease as Yukon plans mounted, and now everyone is where they should be for AHoD to begin. I'm sorry the end is near, but I'm looking forward to seeing what you do next. And in the meantime, there's still another chapter to relish.
9/3/2016 c9 7wishwars
Amazing chapter! I love that you brought in Mrs. Blythe - her and her sense! The reasons behind both Anne and Gilbert going along with the Yukon expedition make a lot of sense now, and really fit their personalities and insecurities. I also found the Norcross news to be a very nice surprise! Poor Robin...
I look forward to the conclusion (even if I hate for it to end), but I hope you finishing with 19th century Anne and Gilbert means you'll be open to writing them in a different time period... :)
9/3/2016 c8 PelirrojaBiu
Rushing to finish this review as there is another chapter waiting for me to read, yay! Gilbert's writing in the first letter is just gorgeous, he is so in love and it's really visible that Anne had her mind on her book. And he keeps asking her about not never wanting that country life, as if he was having second thoughts and trying to talk himself into it. And poor Anne, using the "everybody hates their job anyway". But I loved her "glimpsing into one of her futures". Her not requiring the ink any longer broke my heart, even if she tied it beautifully by calling their future children living stories. Beautiful, beautiful chapter.
9/3/2016 c9 Chinook-girl
Some tie-ins with Uninvited Guest, I see. And what a way for Gil to realise and decide that exploring, adventuring life is not for him. Of course Anne would be more important than anything else...and Gil holding small Anne Cordelia drove home the importance of children and building strong relationships with them from the start, being ever present, all of which Gil and Anne envisage as part of their own futures
Yes, it really is sensible to not be something you're not! Four Winds will be ideal for you, Gil, and doctoring amongst the locals there...but I'm jumping ahead of myself ;)
9/2/2016 c9 Annefan
So sad this story is coming to an end but excited to read anything you write in the future!
9/2/2016 c9 Annefan
This chapter was just full of plot twists! I never saw any of them coming.
Loved the chemise reference.
9/2/2016 c9 5rebeccathehistorian
Wait, what? We were at January 12th and now we're at March 8th? What happened during the last half of January and all of February?!

Wait, what?! Women are going to be admitted to the medical school come September 1890?! That's amazing!

"Much of the problem could be avoided if we simply had more female doctors.": I feel like that was probably quite true then and possibly still true today.

I heartily dislike Norcross after Gil mentioned what Norcross believes about women. No thanks. I wouldn't want him to be around me.

Oh yes please! I would absolutely love (in a AU of course) for Elizabeth to live with Anne and Gilbert!

It seems that Anne is conflicted; she knows that she'll go to the ends of the earth to be with Gil but at the same time, you can see that she really doesn't want to go to the Yukon. But at the same time, she knows she has no right to hold her fiancé back from his dream.

What's wrong with Marilla? I do remember that she was sick during An Uninvited Guest.

You know, it's starting to seem like Gil's resigning himself to working in the Yukon and he's starting to think - if you read between the lines - that maybe this isn't something he wants to do after all…. But he can't actually say an official "no" yet because he sees this as a golden opportunity. Poor Gil.

Wait, *what*?! *Why* was Sarah Blythe in Summerside?

"'So, Anne, how are you going to talk Gilbert out this nonsense of settling in Yukon?": I'm grinning (and I gave a small chuckle). Um … this is going to be interesting. :D

"'Anne darling, it is nonsense when you don't want it and neither does he. Oh, he's convinced himself that he does because he believes it's what you expect of him. And I almost believed him, till I saw you watching Gilbert that afternoon with Diana's youngest. You want children, that much is clear. But I also think you want a father who will be with those children every day not one taken up by work and travel.": Wow.

"'You love my son so much you'd give up everything for his happiness.": Isn't that what Gil was going to do for Anne earlier?

Finally. Anne's finally telling him to stop and set down roots somewhere … somewhere that isn't isolatingly rural.

Haha! Oh my gosh! I never would've expected Robin Norcross to be a woman! That's an awesome plot twist!

YESSSSS! FINALLY! Gil's finally realizing that the Yukon is not for him! YIPEE! … So, does that mean he's going to accept the Glen St. Mary position that probably Great Uncle Dave offered probably in a letter a while back? :)

Nooo! I'm very sad that the next chapter will be the last one because I would love for this to continue. I don't want 19th century Anne and Gilbert to go yet even though I know you (rightfully) feel the need to hang this story up.
9/2/2016 c9 Erika
I was wondering how you were going to get them to settle happily in the Glen!

Norcross's reveal was certainly just as much a surprise to me as it was to Gilbert!
9/2/2016 c9 7Formerly known as J
You know I love a long chapter from you, kwaks, even if I am sad that the next chapter will be the last of these letters. How effortlessly you are bringing this story to its conclusion. Of course they want a life together with their own children, not with him away for his work all the time and Anne alone in the log cabin with needy orphans.

Those last two letters with the same date and most especially each of those letters' last two paragraphs were the perfect way to show how perfectly in tune these two are. Both finally admitting it would break them if they have to be apart all the time when they're married. I always loved Sarah Blythe, but now I think I love her more than ever for what she said to Anne and her interfering letter that is presumably on its way to Gilbert.

But (Miss) Robin Norcross was gold! Finding THAT chemise, running like a girl and it's truly no wonder she was blubbing at the news that women could finally study medicine.

Favourites: you are my adventure and I've spent so much of my life trying to be good enough for you I'm afraid to stop trying.

But please, pretty please, couldn't you string this out for just a few more chapters, kwaky...?
9/2/2016 c9 8Catiegirl
Reviewing this from work, so I'll be brief, I was doing a silent yell the whole way through! How I loved Sarah, and loved her for knowing the two of the better than they knew themselves! I could hug her, and those last two letters nearly had me crying. Of course they never wanted to be apart! It was so filled with love, and that beautiful description of Gilbert with little Anne Cordelia was gorgeous, I coul see her little head dropping, the writing here was perfect.

AND ROBIN! Oh, well done, I'm laughing and applauding. You did that so well, looking back, even 'his' meanness had a slightly feminine vindictiveness to it, that was genius. What's going to happen next? And Gilbert really needs to reclaim that chemise, it's still needed... I'll miss this story, but I can't wait for your modern story!
9/2/2016 c8 18Alinyaalethia
It does make sense. Writing about writing is a tricky thing to land, but Anne nails it -stories are like children. The nod to her 'living epistles' at the end only perfects the frame of reference that much more. I very much like the idea that finery and fine things conjur Roy for Anne, and that that as much as the vampiric Rotherham makes her uneasy about the projected future.
Gil delaying the Hulme letter is telling. His remembrances of his father would justify his acceptance perfectly if he followed his first resolution through. And yet there's a sense from his account of Christmas -all those almost-fits and jumbled moments -that he wants away from the island for the sake of eluding the shadow of family and wanting to begin fresh, as Gilbert, as his own person. I don't know if I've explained that right, but I'm sympathetic to it anyway. And threaded through all of that is his rediscovery of Anne, all she means to him, and the dreams they've stored up. Beautifully handled -well done.
9/2/2016 c8 5LizzyEastwood
Oh I loved these ones! Just the feeling of it all is so engrossing, like I am actually intruding on these private moments of theirs. I loved the self reflection on her future with Roy and I can only imagine what Gilbert's response will be. I really enjoyed Gilberts description of how he sees Anne, almost like a dream. Once again you can just see the devotion...actually you can feel it! Great update!
9/1/2016 c8 5rebeccathehistorian
My reaction when I saw the date of Gil's first letter was "Seriously?! We don't even get to see them at the dance?!" And then realized after a moment that knowing you, kwak, you'll have Anne and Gil talk about it. :D

"It would have been your hat that took the dump of snow from a cherry tree branch instead of you.": My first reaction was to laugh and then I thought, "Oh gosh. Poor Anne."

Oh yeah. I forgot for a little bit that Anne and Gil traveled to Avonlea for Christmas after the dance.

Huh. So they had Christmas at Allwinds? That sounds interesting. I thought it would've been at Green Gables.

What are the "unmentionable" questions Davy fired Gil's way? I'm going to be like Davy and say, "I want - no, NEED - to know!"

I love how you're coming back full circle for Gil. He's feeling like he did back during the first two years of Redmond.

"I don't want you to tie yourself to those people if you don't know in your heart that you are prepared to give them years of your life. If you are shaking your head right now then answer me this: If the situation was turned around and it was me who was having second thoughts […] would you tell me to pursue something I truly didn't want?": Wise words, Gilbert Blythe.

"We could never be satisfied with that little Avonlea life we left behind, could we?": This is intriguing. Because looking at the Glen objectively, it seems like it is about the same size as Carmody (has a train station and 1 or 2 general stores). Which means that while it's bigger than Avonlea, it might not be by much. And yet, we know from the House of Dreams, that Anne and Gil do end up in the Glen … technically about eight months later from the time of this letter. I'm thinking something's going to happen which will make Gilbert (and possibly Anne) change his (their) mind(s). I'm also starting to wonder if Lord Hulme is suddenly going to die within the next few months … which would throw this world-traveling Antarctica adventure out the window.

"Our children won't have to fight for scholarships or find the money for college.": When I initially read that sentence I was hesitant to how true that was going to be until I realized that as of right now, they're planning on traveling around the world with Hulme. But actually, I would like to discuss this with you in a PM. Because I'm not sure at all - I'm only going by conjecture here - that by the time Rilla's a little kid (at the latest), they're starting to realize that they're going to have to try to put six kids through Queen's and Redmond. I'm wondering if perhaps they're financially able to put six kids through Queens fine but they need some help from the kids pitching in - either via a scholarship or through money made through teaching - to put all six through Redmond. And in Jem's case - even more so - for the three (or four?) years of med school after that.

"We'd never want a life like that, would we, Anne-girl?": That makes me snort with a bit of laughter. That's going to be their life in less than a year!

Ok. So it seems like at the ball, Gil's looking at this like it's a sense of opportunity and Anne's seeing this from her perspective of two years with Roy and practically fleeing (the latter of which honestly makes sense). What I don't understand is how Gil cannot see through the Ball and not flee too? He was with Christine, in a sense, for two years. Please correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't the ball he experienced here with Anne the same kind of atmosphere he was experienced with Christine? I could very well be wrong though and have at least possibly, if not probably, have forgotten the outings they went on that's mentioned in the Redmond Diaries.

Anyway, this a good chapter and I'm *especially* intrigued to see how Gil goes from wanting a world-class adventure to being fine with living in the Glen. Honestly, I could see Anne's letter in this chapter potentially being the lynchpin in that decision.
9/1/2016 c8 4OriginalMcFishie
Of course characters have a mind of their own, even Anne admitted this when writing Avril. I'm enjoying how this is true to the Canon yet fresh and original. I really feel like I deepen my acquaintance with Anne and Gilbert with each chapter. I began this enjoying their excitement at their prospective grand life and wondering how you'd get them from there to the Glen. I think I understand how they feel. I've moved countries and simultaneously love the wider perspective on life and miss what life would have been if I'd stayed. Is it Anne that curbs their adventures ? How does Gilbert come to terms with that without a hint of resentment in the later books? Looking forward to finding out. Are we going to discover more on Gil's roommate too? I have a feeling he's tied up in the outcome somehow.
9/1/2016 c8 7Formerly known as J
Oh, kwaky, I think Anne and Gilbert are making perfect sense! This was superb writing, and I adored it all, right from that cherry branch dumping snow down Anne's back. I loved Gilbert feeling like he'd returned to the time when touching her elbow was enough for him to feel like he'd dissolve, and that he knew she was distracted, and feeling like it was all a dream. But then, his hesitation to write Hulme that letter of acceptance and his letter peppered with all those questions, seeking her confirmation about what it is they truly want. I think I have an inkling about what is in Uncle Dave's letter...

But then, the publishers picking Anne's work to pieces making her feel like she was the unwanted orphan child again, along with the ritzy ball with the glimpses of the glamorous lifestyle they could have that only reminded her of Roy. That was the kwak genius moment of this chapter for me. For some reason, I was completely horrified by Gilbert smoking cigars with those people, it's so not him. And all that nodding and smiling - argh. Of course, we know Anne's stories are her children, and she would never want to sacrifice them for any amount of money, nor would Gilbert wish it for her. Who wouldn't prefer his children as living stories over ink? Ooohh lala!
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