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9/1/2016 c8 Chinook-girl
9/1/2016 c8 8Catiegirl
I love it, I love it I LOVE it! I love the not making sense, because at this point how could they? It's warring worlds, and what a fight. I almost feel Gilbert was protesting a little too much about being so set on the Hulme position, and how he could never be satisfied with a smaller life- I want to know what is in his Uncle's letter! I loved the realities you showed us, the things about Christmas that weren't perfect, and yet it was beautiful- real, messy life. As for Anne, I was absolutely caught by what you showed of her here- the dislike of the publishers, the heat of the room and the dress, her fear of seeing Gilbert smoking with the rich men, and fearing riches for herself. It was so well described, I cringed myself at that. Of course that life with Roy was so wrong, and it brought to my mind Begin Again- I just thought aha. She's got it. I can feel the turning of both characters happening, and it's mesmerising. I am so excited to see what comes next, you are writing this brilliantly!
8/25/2016 c7 4OriginalMcFishie
I'm loving this. it's the best of the Windy Willows Love Letters series and gives so much depth the Anne and Gill. I love the Iona story. I think you should write it...and get it published. Good to hear Gil is still in touch with The Fox. looking forward to how this plays out and ties back into the books.
8/23/2016 c7 2Kim Blythe
I cannot wait to read how you are going to write about this particular Christmas time !

I don't know, I have an uneasy feeling about this proposition made to Gilbert, about him being a part of Lord Hulme's personal team of physicians, and maybe get to touring the world in a ten years time ... I don't say that as in a bad way for Gil's career at being a doctor, but only because I think that this kind of life for Anne and Gilbert sound to much like the life Anne would have had with Roy, is she had accepted him ... Well, minus the passion and the kids !
8/23/2016 c7 Edkchestnut
Very good. Of course, you will have to work out for us how they get from here to their House of Dreams in Glen St. Mary since they seem so far from that, now. Also, I hope Gilbert's mother likes her rolling pin since I really can't even imagine that. Also, I hope Gilbert likes Anne's new black dress since he hated the black dress she wore in Anne of Ingleside. Thank-you for explaining how much notice Anne has been getting for her stories, the books are always so vague about how famous she actually became. Good job and keep it up!
8/23/2016 c7 18Alinyaalethia
Refreshing and lovely to hear Phil again. She's grown up, but she's still Phil. The Antarctic and Vancouver, what opportunities you come up with, and yet even as you do this I can see you seeing the seeds of their destruction. It's in Phil's breezy instructions, in Anne's inability to bake with Marilla, in the breathlessness of this possible future. To juxtapose it against the things Anne wants, to impress Gil's mother, to fit into his family, to salvage something of Norcross, was genius. Likewise Gil's seeing Anne in him. Norcross is starting to leak humanity. I don't know which I preferred, his fainting and then neatly hitting Gil with the amputated limb, or his trying to observe the gentleman's code in anticipation of Hulme. Perfectly observed, all of it.
8/23/2016 c7 8Catiegirl
Oh, take the thousand, I'll happily read them all! The anticipation is so high here for both of them, and knowing what a giant u-turn the story must be about to take, I'm waiting with baited breath! I do hope she does the dress. I think I'm still scarred from them losing their first Christmas, I want to beg that nothing goes wrong... My favourite part was Gilbert talking about seeing Anne's eyes in Robin- that broke my heart, as it must have his. I loved the newsy letters, I loved seeing them so happy- but oh, I want to see them happy together- comparing their warmth and lively family of AHOD and AOI, with the Yukon (and Phil's hint of no babies?) and the power couple lifestyle, I can't wait to see the point where that changes. As you have said, it's the journey we love to go on! Can't wait till Christmas, Kwak.
8/23/2016 c7 PelirrojaBiu
Make it thousand chapters, please, I'm not ready to leave that world either! So much excitement in one chapter, their hopes and expectations are so built up I'm almost afraid of the moment it all collapses. Wonderfully written as usual and it's always fun to get back to Phil. Can't wait for the Kingsport ball and Christmas!
8/23/2016 c7 7Formerly known as J
Well there was a lot going on here, kwaky, and my head is still spinning from it all. I LOVED Gilbert's list of birthday gifts, including him beating Norcross in the gynaecology exam, and Fancy Norcross being from Toronto (not Venus!). But what about that paper getting published with Gilbert as co-author, potential trips to Antarctica, invites to the grandest ball in Kingsport and black silk top hats. Something for everyone there. I can't wait for Anne in the slinky, low cut black velvet number and I am definitely wondering what will happen next to prevent all these exciting potentials from coming to be. Or do they...?
8/22/2016 c7 5rebeccathehistorian
Interesting. First, Gil was all gung-ho about getting his name on the paper, then after the disaster with Freda, he didn't care, and now, he quite can't believe the honor!

Wow! He's equal first author? That's amazing!

I laughed when Gil mentioned that Anne sent him a black silk top hat for his birthday.

"Rachel, of course, has never been subtle and interrogates me weekly on the dishes I intend to bake for the Christmas dinner.": I laughed.

Oy, oy, oy. Please tell me that Aunt Mary Maria *won't* be at the Christmas dinner. Please. … Hm. Are Great-Uncle Dave and Great-Aunt Pearl going to come? I have an idea that they won't because if I remember correctly, Anne doesn't meet them until the day of her wedding when she and Gil move into their House of Dreams.


Wait, I'm a bit confused. In Gil's December 2nd letter, is he writing it at the Patterson St. house - I mean Two Doors? Yet it says Harvey House at the top. Oh wait, never mind probably. I'm thinking he's probably writing it at Phil and Jo's house but the Harvey House address at the top is because that's his permanent address for now.

I'm so glad that Gil has found his calling and that he's happy with - and enjoying - medicine.

While I'm sad that this excellent story could be done in three chapters, I'd be more than willing to have this story go on for four, five, a thousand, or more chapters. I'm not ready to leave this either! But at the same time, I know that you need to do what you think is best for you and this story and that you'll do right by it.
8/22/2016 c7 Chinook-girl
Yes, everything seems to be falling into place. Methinks the bend in the road is coming up soon, though, for Anne and Gil.
8/22/2016 c7 7wishwars
Just got to read chapter 6 and 7 - wonderful as usual! I love Anne's story - it's sounds like a perfect melding of the dark of her past and the fantastic of her imagination. If only I could actually read it now...
I have to admit, though, Anne and Gilbert's excitement is almost a bit frightening. If their year is almost up then they won't be heading to Antartica, and now I'm worried for whatever fall will come - will they realize that to go means prolonging the creation of their family? Or will something else get in the way? I absolutely love that you've taken a story I feel I should know, and made me question my assumptions. It's amazing :) I can't wait for more!
8/20/2016 c6 PelirrojaBiu
Oh my, when I saw that the first letter's date was September 20th I did a little happy dance, thinking there were still so many months (and letters) ahead of them. But we have only four chapters left! :(

I love Anne's language here, so balmy, soothing and loving, carrying so much support and, that's right, friendship towards Gilbert. What I love even more is that she still stands her ground re: protecting a child's story.

What is it with you and your fantastic "stories withing your stories"? :D First No Yet Bright Bell and The Life Book in Begin Again, and now the Iona's story. What I wouldn't give to read them all! This one sounds absolutely brilliant and true to what actual non-Disney fairy tales have always been: a bit gruesome and disturbing. The premise sounds so, so good, makes me as curious about it as Gilbert is (that was so cute!) His line about times that might take their joy from them nearly broke my heart.

Excellent job as always!
8/20/2016 c6 Erika
Wow! Your "Iona" book sounds wonderful and wonderous, and I'm jealous that it's not my idea, because I bet it would be magical. Just the sort of thing Anne might write. :)
8/20/2016 c6 2Kim Blythe
Only four chapters left ?!

You must be kidding ...

But at the same time, I can't wait to be able to read those last four chapters !
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