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8/19/2016 c6 7Formerly known as J
Oh, kwaky, I was breathless after that astonishing opening sentence from Anne. You always have me convinced that this truly is her writing to Gilbert, and I thought that would have to be the very Anne-est point of the chapter. But, oh my, the rest of her letter only got better! Wanting to be with him, not to fill a hollow ache but to comfort him, because she understands his pain. Oof. I loved her knowing that Freda would be the lesson that spurs him to greatness. My favourite: the only riches that matter are the ones that can't be taken from me.

But that story, k. THAT STORY! I thought Not Yet Bright Bell was a stroke of genius. But this was too much for me. I'm lost for words, and you know that doesn't happen often. Thank you for sharing this with us.

I'm blushing at the shout out, kwaks, but nothing I've ever written is in the realm of this.
8/19/2016 c6 5rebeccathehistorian
I love Anne's letter. It was so palpable and her love of and friendship with Gilbert emanated throughout all of it.

While reading that fourth paragraph of Gil's letter, I realized that what Anne had written into her story was of her feelings and emotions of being an orphan and having that horrendous childhood (if you could even call it that).

Interesting. It sounds like Admiral Harris is a foreshadowing of Captain Jim.

Why does Gil have a scar on his chest? Or does the scar that Anne mentions in the story a reference to the scar that Gil has from when he first proposed to her?

No, Gil, I don't think you'll become a lecturer. You're going to go down the private practice path, I know it. I'd be curious to see how he comes to that conclusion.

This was a great chapter and I can't wait to read more of this!
8/19/2016 c6 julie3113
You continue to astonish me. Like Gilbert, I'm feeling rather ordinary while reading this (although he is anything but). What insights into Anne's history, both in the expression of loneliness, present and past, that she communicates in her letter and through the fantastic images that her (that is, your) imagination has conjured up. I can picture Anne's/Iona's whale-prison in my mind's eye, and I particularly love the image of the girl entwined with the silvery eel. And how wonderful that this is all retold in Gilbert's voice. The descriptions of Anne's story are so evocative that I almost overlooked Gil's questioning the direction his career as a result of his failure (as he sees it) with Freda, as well the change in the tenor of his rivalry with Norcross. Can there really, truly be only four more chapters? Tell me kwak, I want to know.
8/19/2016 c6 19Alinyaalethia
What struck me as I read was how much you cram between the words , how much you dare to leave unsaid because between these two,it doesn't need articulating. Thank you for that, for trusting us to ravel it out, that's the best kind of reading, and this chapter proves it. Nothing could have hollowed out Anne's childhood like the image of Iona in her whale, or spoke so much to Gilbert's presence and absence both as that list Anne writes, summing up the places she finds him. Their understanding and love of each other shines here -bravely and beautifully done.
8/19/2016 c6 Edkchestnut
As always, well done. I'm sorry that these are coming to an end, you know I have been a fan for a while. It's disturbing to think of Anne's sad childhood and yet, the reality is, it would have been very bad, probably much worse than even Montgomery wrote or could have alluded to, at the time. I'm very glad that Gilbert is so determined to make Anne happy, I always felt that this was a true part of his character, his determination to give her a comfortable, happy life. As far as Norcross goes, I do hope that he is not intending to steal or copy any of Gilbert's work, I don't think we need that aggravation right now, he is the most aggravating man. Good job!
8/19/2016 c6 Chinook-girl
;) :D
8/19/2016 c6 EclecticMayhem
Aaaaaand now I want to read Iona of Harris Island! This is lovely, as always. Thank you.
8/19/2016 c6 5LizzyEastwood
Once again you've just captured them so well. Honestly, you can feel the devotion they have and when I read these it's definitely Anne and Gilbert talking. These are just very well done! I think my favorite part about all of them is that you make the reader feel that they both get their strength from one another, not in a needy way, but on a way that just shows us how just how much they love and respect eachother.
8/19/2016 c6 8Catiegirl
I love love LOVE this! It never ceases to amaze me how many ways there are to tell someone in a letter how much you love them- and you've done it so beautifully and painfully here. I loved the way you brought in that need for the closeness of their friendship, the kindred in them first and foremost, that was so very poignant. When Anne asked 'or do only orphans feel this way?", I nearly cried. The idea of her story is so completely unique, and yet so right. I loved Gilbert trying to grasp where it could come from inside Anne. His delight and sheet shock at her work was awesome! You can really feel the loss of confidence in him after Freda's death, however I love knowing how that will play out in his life- in emulating the greatness of his Uncle Dave. That was a lovely touch! And lastly, Anne only being able to eat apples in the privacy of her room- I was in stitches with that! Loved this lot of letters, and I love the direction of the third instalment altogether- I love how we have seen them grow, and seeing the true kindred spirits they are. It's completely beautiful, Kwak!
8/14/2016 c5 Annefan
O my gosh! I just finished rereading the Redmond diary's 123and4 and for the first time reading windy willows love letters and more windy willows love letter and finally finished here .
I can't accurately tell you how much I loved seeing these characters grow and change in such a realistic and wonderful way I first read all the Anne books at age 7 and through the years as I have grown up I see the books in a much different light and after reading this I can relate to these books that much more. I want to thank you for these truly amazing stories and for the time you have taken to write them

~ God bless annefan
8/12/2016 c5 LizDexic
Wow Kwak! What character debths you have been able to add to these two. You said it all along, but I'm just now beginning to realize how these letters set the stage for the people they come to be in AOTI.
They've known all along they were kindred spirits and similar in so many important ways, but you've written in they possibility for them to each discover how very different they are from each other. But their differences fill in where the others lacks and together the world is more full for them together than alone.
I'm already getting sad for when this story ends, because you have written just about everything A&G there is to write. Where to next? Your faithful readers will follow you anywhere.
8/11/2016 c5 2Kim Blythe
I think that Freda's mother shouldn't have done what she did to her daughter ... What she did, killed her daughter instead of keeping her alive, paralysed, but alive ! But at the same time, I kind of understand how she felt when she said that she just wanted her back, just wanted her back ...

Not all doctors can be heroes ... I know it's hard, but Gil should know and believe in that !

I do hope that Anne's story gets accepted and gets publish all around Canada and why not, all over the world !
8/11/2016 c5 5rebeccathehistorian
I'm kind of surprised that Anne's talking about gay marriage. I don't mind but I'm just surprised.

If Phil is so huge, I'm thinking she (and Jo) should be expecting twins then!

Wait, what?! Freda died?! What happened?!

"'I was trying to get her back, I just wanted to get her back.'": Oh god. All Mrs. Flaherty was trying to do was bring her child back to what Mrs. Flaherty considered normal, to what she was used to. Instead of letting her improve.

Oh. Never mind. So I guess Mrs. Flaherty wanted to cure the paralysis again. That makes sense.

The whole thing with Freda and "I won't ever make that mistake again" is reminding of (and is an excellent nod to) the whole George Moore incident.

"My first duty must always be to the truth": That reminds me of something Gil said in House of Dreams, "The truth shall set you free."

I'm laughing at the fact that Gil will eat almost anything except ham. Does this have something to do with eating Charlie's ham from home?

The familiarness Gil felt at Two Doors with all those people coming in and out … yeah, it could be because of Avonlea but I think it's also because it's a look into their future (probably especially when they get to the Ingleside days because it's more in the Glen).

I'd like to know what Katherine's assessment of Norcross is. I think that'll be an interesting read. Also, if the Blakes have been offered the Manse and they refused, why are they going to turn it into an orphanage? Did the Blakes convince the people who wanted to offer it to them to turn it into an orphanage? Because of the way it's written, it looks like the Blakes were offered the Manse, refused the offer, and then turned around and said yes to it on the condition that it was turned into an orphanage.

Anyway, I'd be curious to read the next chapter. I want to know what Anne says in response to Gil's letter.

(P.S. - Just curious: Are you planning to include the appendicitis surgery part of the story (a nod to Rhonda Avery in House of Dreams) - or whatever-it-is because it's not specifically mentioned in the book - when the time comes during the winter of this school year?)
8/11/2016 c5 PelirrojaBiu
Ooooooooh, this must have been my favourite chapter of this instalment so far, the writing is simply exquisite and it's all the more visible now that you put their letters one after another in the same chapter. You manage Anne's and Gil's voices so well, they are so different and distinctive, which really shows what a great talent you have. Even those short fragments from Phil and Stella were spot on, very true to their writing styles from RD.

As tragic as Freda's story was, you have laid foundations for Leslie's storyline and made Gilbert's train of thoughts so much more profound. Brilliant, brilliant move. And I loved the way he showed his disagreement with her - he wasn't trying to be cute and gentle with her, he respects her too much for that and considers a true partner.

Can we see this as his bend in the road, the moment he decides it's going to be a private practice for him after all? I wonder if Anne will find her own in publication of Iona (or the lack of it...)

(Can Dora really be engaged by this point? Isn't she just 15 at the moment?)
8/11/2016 c5 7wishwars
Oooo I see the determination in Gilbert that will lead to his adventures concerning "Dick" Moore later on! But I will admit that reading about Freda was sad :(
I love all mentions of Phil and Jo - they are such a sweet couple! After all of this work they're doing, Anne and Gil deserve their house of dreams more than anyone. Gil especially seems to be going through some trying times. Wonderful writing, as always!
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