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8/11/2016 c5 Sorrows Solace
I have to say I really adore how you pay attention to how characters in AnneVerse grow and change. Anne shows a deeper understanding of the hearts and minds of everyone she sees , or hasn't met yet and I actually didn't find her thoughts on Paul creepy. Anne has always been a very earthly and nature oriented person with all her metaphors and insights (the passage about eyes was one of the best parts of the chapter!) so seeing Paul as prowling and recognizing his maturity, with the very slight sexual leaning is interesting but not predatory. Anne sees Paul as a soon to be man and laughs at herself for having trouble accepting it but also seeing the humour in it as she does near everything else. I hope that all made sense. Paul's also been a favourite of mind so it's good too see him grown up! And I do love the nods to Confimed Bachlerdom such as it was called back then and the characters being mostly supportive if bemused over it. Poor Gil. Dealing with Norcross (who for some reason reminds me of Percy Wetmore from the Green Mile), missing Anne and the heartbreak over Freda is a lot to deal with. His admittance to grief but not wanting to "blub" reminds me of what a good person he is and his compassion was missed in Mauds novels and it always pissed me off that we never heard from him much after Joyce. His feeling of never wanting to repeat that mistake with Freda is a great prelude to Dick Moore and I love how Anne comes from a point of wanting to give privacy and understanding and Gilbert wants to follow his instinct and knowledge. It's perfect. His statement on duty made me think of a Mass Effect quote "not guilty, but responsible". Stella adopted! That makes me so happy! Iman adoptee myself so Anne's piece on everyone needing a Matthew really got to me. Also thank you so much for your writing. It cheers me up everytime I read a new chapter and it is nudging me to try and write my own Anne storiesa first for me. Can't wait to read more!
8/11/2016 c5 2Enna Energe
Eek! Your first and fifth chapters are currently the same! You must have overwritten Chapter 1 accidentally.

I'm so glad you are continuing this series. :)
8/11/2016 c5 19Alinyaalethia
Love, love, love the insights into the girls of Patty's Place. Priss in Japan leading Anne to fret over eye-whites (and wanting Gil to make a study of them at the risk of cultivating Norcross), Stella whirling through publishing and haphazardly making a home for Patch, Phil as full of life as ever. Oh and Dora engaged! I always forget Dora grows up, she does it so quietly. Shall join Anne in exclamation-point-worthy bemusement. I love too that she has so many people to write to, of course she does, Anne is always acquiring people and I refuse to believe shed drop any of them.

Her thoughts on children needing Matthews were painful, but so true. Where would Anne have been without him? But at the same time you lay the groundwork for the AHoD conflict, and it's genius. Well, it was painful first, but a worthy hurt, the kind that pays off and makes sense of the character. Nice to see Anne and Gilbert at odds too, because we know they can't have always agreed, we know they didn't, but we know how much store they set by each other. It says volumes that even if Gilbert won't compromise the doctor in him, he will unquestioningly listen re Norcross? And I must mention the glimpse into Phil's home -it was effervescent and bubbly as any manse run by Phil had a right to be. Excellently done.
8/11/2016 c5 Edkchestnut
Poor Freda, I wasn't expecting that. How awful and yet I can see how you are trying to show us Gilbert's beginnings as a doctor who cares more for his patients than anything. So, no need to worry about Paul, apparently, maybe Gilbert won't be so threatened now. However, in AoA, which I have just finished for about the twentieth time, it does mention that Paul had a girl that he was "dead gone on" and so maybe Anne is just saying this to relieve Gilbert's jealousy. Anyway, great story and I am so glad that Gilbert is fighting back against Norcross. No way do I want to see him take this bullying lying down. Great job!
8/11/2016 c5 7Formerly known as J
I am loving these last of the letters more than ever, kwaks. In particular, Paul Irving 'Confirmed Bachelor' and the White Sands postmaster mooning over Gilbert. Hehehe. Of course Anne would be encouraging Gilbert to look into Robin Norcross' eyes - although I am a little wary of exactly what he might find there!

But you know I adored Gilbert already telling Anne he doesn't agree with not seeking the truth and following it no matter what. Nevertheless, I am still a little bit excited for him that he's being named as an author on the paper being submitted for Hulme's study. I think I smell opportunity knocking from this...

I most especially enjoyed Gilbert's description and apparent enjoyment of his visit with the Blakes, munching on nettle and orange peel dumplings while reflecting on the familiarity of the scene. Favourites: 'we could go anywhere' and 'you know I like red heads'.
8/11/2016 c5 8Catiegirl
I love your titles! I love trying to guess where they will come into the story, and they are such fun. I love reading all about Phil, and Stella with a boy made me chuckle so much!

Seeing Anne and Gil on opposite sides with the Freda issue: I actually loved it. Both the nurturer and the doctor want to heal, and of course they can be at cross purposes doing it. It not only pre-empts the Dick Moore disagreement, but to me it explains why he won't purely listen to Anne on that- I felt you gave us an answer to a why that has bothered me since I was a child- his duty here is the thing he knows he has to follow, and his reasoning on needing to shut emotions down to do his job really moved me. Also accounting for some lessening of romance...
I love the honesty you have Gil write with, it's so stark and yet beautiful in its simplicity. His loss of interest in the study felt like a turning point- when what he wanted was to make life better for individuals; I wondered if that was turning him back to a community doctor... I loved Gil's revenge in Norcross, although *yay* to your plans for him! I actually thought it telling that whatever his feelings, he will still trust Anne about what's inside a broken person.
I love the way you have written these letters, they reveal so much that I had never considered, and I love the characters better for it. well done!
8/11/2016 c5 Chinook-girl
:) :( :D
8/8/2016 c4 2Kim Blythe
Yes, of course a man who is passionate about what he does and his work is and can be a beautiful thing, but a man who shares such a passionate love story and romance with this amazing women that is Anne Shirley cannot only think of his work all the time ...

And this is what bored me so much in the Windy Willows books or any other books that only ever talks of the money that a person makes, how much actions that person as, how many hours that person spent at work or only ever talking about the work that that person is doing every day, I have to admit, that to much of work talk can be such a bore and make for a painful and long reading ...

But, you are the exception dear Katherine, Gil being a doctor and Anne being a writer, is what they are and you portray the passion they feel for these professions so well, that I don't mind to read a few chapters like this one, because I know that the passion of their love and romance will come back in full force !
8/8/2016 c4 5rebeccathehistorian
"If this wall was a body I would diagnose shingles": I laughed long and hard. Actually, guffawing would more accurately describe it.

I like the nod to the second movie (regarding the number of doilies Diana wanted to have for her marriage).

"'Remember you are a gentleman, Blythe!' lest I forget": I laughed

Ugh. Norcross does not seem like a good fellow. Is he a Pye in disguise?

I was wondering what had happened to The Fox. Damn. If he's not the best at medical school, he's going to hate the ministry. And Whitehorse? Isn't that in northern BC or even in the Northwest Territories? … I just looked it up. Shoot. It's in the Yukon. I'm thinking he's going to freeze to death up there!

"I'm the only other student who might take top honors and he wants me out of the way. I should take it as a compliment, but I don't. This means war.": *Blows a large breath out, eyes wide* Gilbert Blythe, what have you gotten yourself into?

Oh my gosh. That ghost story about the Flaherty's. That reminds me of the um … fudge it … um … damn it. The story about Leslie and the man whom she thought was her husband who turned out to be her husband's cousin. … I forgot their names (you can remind me later if you'd like) but I think you'll know who I'm talking about.

*Blushes* Thank you for the compliment! You're great too, you know that?
8/8/2016 c4 julie3113
Poor Gilbert. Anne gets to dance around a bonfire in hedonistic freedom, while Gil suffocates in the heat of the fire fed by Norcross across their dingy room. Gil's jealousy, although admirably cloaked, is palpable, as is his frustration with his current situation at Redmond. He has had a taste of what his work can be outside the confines of the academy, and he seems to be constrained by more than just Norcross (although Norcross is legitimately awful). I do miss the Fox; maybe he can make a cameo appearance later?

While reading this letter the second time through, I imagined it as a conversation and could hear the excitement creep into Gilbert's tone when the topic turned to his work at Sarnia and to the mystery of Freda's transformation. I love how the analytical and empathetic sides of Gilbert's mind become entwined here, and I like to think that Anne is responsible for this, at least in part. Most of all, I appreciate that you give Gilbert the opportunity to explain what inspires and motivates him beyond his love for Anne.

And I laughed at Gilbert's explanation for the naming of Two Doors. Nice detail, and it's good to see Phil and Jo, even if just in passing.
8/8/2016 c1 Sunny Girl
Your description of Gilbert being jealous of Paul Irving was very well done, kwak. And I love the scene where Gilbert is in the canoe, using masterful strokes. Great naming of the Robin chap too! You always get names and characterisations spot on.

The piece de resistance though must go to the last line of the chapter. Most Beautifully done! :) The pen hums under your touch, indeed ..
8/8/2016 c4 PelirrojaBiu
It was such a delight to read! And you're right, a focused, driven Gilbert makes for the hottest Gilbert! :D Robin Norcross is such a jerk, but he does have a fabulous name! Good old Charlie Sloane was an angel of a room mate comparing to this. I'm not too concerned about Gil though, it's not his first year at uni and I'm sure he will soon show Norcross where he can shove that confounded book.

Freda's story was fascinating! But this chapter's cherry on the top was the last paragraph, with that oh so subtle jealousy. I spat my coffee when I got to the "young Irving" part. Hilarious! Well, whatever makes him go and work on that fantastic body of his is clearly welcome, hahaha.
8/8/2016 c4 7wishwars
Well I definitely hate Norcross already - what a rude, jealousy-driven sneak! I hope Gilbert can bring him down a few pegs soon, though I can't say I hope he changes him and they become friends. That feels wrong. I wonder what he would think of Anne...
I think you've always written Gilbert wonderfully - and I think you're right: Gilbert has always been driven and passionate and a lot of that goes into his work. I think you show that very nicely with Freda. I'm sure he'll be investigating that mystery very soon, and I know Anne will support it completely because she loves his focus.
8/8/2016 c4 Edkchestnut
I don't understand why Norcross feels the right to make a list of rules for their room and tell Gilbert if he doesn't follow he will have him removed, is he related to the dean or something? Surely, there isn't something like that in the handbook. The idea of Anne and Paul is rather unnerving since he was her student, I'm getting flashes of Mary Kay Leturneau and not liking it. I hope Paul will find his own girl, soon although I do like a jealous Gilbert. I have to agree that I always found Gilbert's character in the later books to be very unromantic, when he was mentioned at all. He did seem to be rather work obsessed. Maybe you should write some stories from those books showing his true character. I do think, though that had less to do with Gilbert's actual character and more to do with the fact that Maud was probably very limited to what she could write about, romantically and, from what I have read about her, she was not all that happily married herself and may not have had much romance to pull from. Great job, as always, and I am looking forward to more.
8/8/2016 c4 19Alinyaalethia
Great line, Gil diagnosing the wall with shingles. I'm sorry to lose the Fox but I expect Norcross will make for more conflict. Freda sounds almost the inverse to George(?) Moore, and I wonder if this will be the thing that motivates him to solve that puzzle later, as much as friendship for Leslie. It would be lovely to get a few more glimpses of Katherine, just as I'm enjoying the causal inclusion of the Rev Blakes. It's always good to see something of Gil's relationships besides Anne. I love the description of Anne as a dryad of the hearth, a bride of summer though, he really does know Anne, and that's as it should be.
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