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for The Last of the Windy Willows Love Letters

7/23/2016 c1 7DianaStorm09
Beautiful! So excited to read the last installment of letters between my favorite lovebirds! Been thinking of you as I was reading RoI as I arrived in Canada for a weekend getaway yesterday, and here you are with your newest fic! Thank you!
7/23/2016 c1 7Formerly known as J
Ah, kwaky, it's lovely to visit the letters again, isn't it? And just one long letter from Anne this time, since she knows he won't receive it for nearly a month. I'm glad the misunderstanding from the last story has been addressed. I liked especially her realising that she'd been making a candle of the sun by trying to gorge herself on loving him, and that he was right to remove himself.
Who would've thought those pesky publishers might be right about changing her story? I loved Anne dusting off her dreams and remembering who she was. In particular, the correlation between the eleven year old Anne and Elizabeth and also Anne's imagining of their future children to remind her of the importance of writing stories that children will love about people who suck the marrow out of life.
This was a very interesting start to these last letters and the countdown to their wedding. I'm very much looking forward to reading Gilbert's reply.
7/23/2016 c1 8Catiegirl
This was so lovely, K! I just re-read the last lot of letters before this, and it's funny, but no matter how many versions of these pair there are, I have been waiting for resolution with this Anne and Gil so much! I love that you went into this misunderstanding, and I love the grief, the apology and such sweet love in this letter! It's beautiful, heartfelt writing, and it just makes me so happy to read it. I'm looking forward to where you take Anne and her writing, I loved Marilla getting down to little Elizabeth's level, and I especially loved Anne's realisation about losing herself and being consumed in missing Gilbert- that was such a poignant truth. I could just feel the love and respect for him here, and the gentle regret. I can't wait for Gilbert's response to this.
7/22/2016 c1 PelirrojaBiu
Such a nice surprise to wake up to! And such a great beginning to a new story. I'm so happy you started with a July letter instead of going straight to September. But what makes me even more excited is the description of this story, all those bends in the road and problems they are going to face, yay drama!
7/22/2016 c1 2Kim Blythe
As I was celebrating my birthday tonight, with one look at my phone, I saw the notification for the first chapter of the Last of the Windy Willows love letters, and I went back dancing with everyone after I had put my phone away in my bag once again ...

All that to say that it feels so good for me to be able to read these letters at the same time you are writing them and posting them, with me not having to catch up on all the other chapters or stories that I had missed !

I want to read Gilbert's answer to Anne's letter ...
7/22/2016 c1 Chinook-girl
:) :D 3
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