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6/17/2018 c1 ireallyforgot
Really cute
10/6/2017 c1 1hagbraten
Hey guys, it's me again. I gotta admiy, I simply love your fics. They are simply amazing. But however I gotta admit that this isn't the best fic you made. But I believe in you to make it a good one anyway, so I'll read this one too. What I disliked about this one is, that it's just boring. There is no real plot or at least anything interesting in the fic. The characters from the book are just unnecessary because without their whole backstory and powers they would probably be total different persons, you could take any couple from any book or film or from anywere, it wouldn't matter because they aren't unique anymore. They are just a bunch of random guys at work. Well I guess that's enough 9f the bad part. Actually I don't want to give you such a bad first review for the series but pleaaase fix this, I know you can do it way better . Actually it's a pretty good idea but there is no real plot and the charakters are a lot to shady. Well anyways you can do way better and if you fix these issues I would love to read. I would propaply read it no matter what, but well, please fix anyway
Sincerly Walley.

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