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for The Power of the Potters

7/6 c10 Anton Vlasov
Я прочитал 10 глав и только заметил Гарри П., Гермиона Г если ты и впряду сделал их парой я в шоке древнейшую и благородную семью соединить с грязннокровкой , то они станут такими же предателями крови как и узли будут . Были на самом верну позже будут с рыжими вмесе .
7/6 c3 Anton Vlasov
вот что значит когда тебя воспитали грязные маглы и дружишь с грязнокровкой и предателями крови , и твой опекун сволочь из за который ты страдал и не рассказал про твою семью и вырос в отсталого дурака
5/19 c18 2Specky Clarke
I give up; too confusing and wordy, especially with the organisation of Hogwarts etc.
5/18 c13 Specky Clarke
The stories, like this one seems to be going, where Harry matures with a strong possibility to finish Moldyshorts, and then Moldy gets more power/stronger enemies/out of this possible world evil, turn me right off. I will try a few more chapters, just in case.
5/18 c10 Specky Clarke
The two halves of this chapter do not match in actions. I have thought that this was an excellent story up to this chapter, but I am not so sure now
4/25 c6 BlazeStryker

When it comes to a Headbastard, the death of an innocent boy is ever his goal.
2/25 c18 4Winsome248
Thank you for the beautiful story... I will admit I have always favored a Harry/Hermione pairing. I have scanned mostly all of the HP Fanfic for a complete HP/HG story and this is my favorite of all of them.

PS Yeah that Henriette Potter is one hell of a biiiarrrcchhh! Kick that bitch to the kerb!
EWWW nonoonoo inbredding don't think sooooo...
1/22 c21 Lord Harry Potter-Black
I do not like Harry/Hermione pairings, but I liked the story overall.
11/11/2023 c18 1blcoachmac
Loved it!
11/10/2023 c14 blcoachmac
Harry is human so it only probable that it would affect him! But it will soon be overcome with the knowledge that they made their beds and suffered the consequences!
11/10/2023 c11 blcoachmac
Henriette will not take prisoners! Hate Poppy died but she sided with Dumbledore!
11/10/2023 c10 blcoachmac
I am loving this! Just hate there is a traitor in the Potter family!
11/10/2023 c6 blcoachmac
I bet some of their asses are puckered so tight you would need a sledgehammer to drive a needle up their arses!
11/10/2023 c5 blcoachmac
The knife is sinking deeper and deeper into Malfoy and Dumbledore!
11/9/2023 c4 blcoachmac
Oh I hope Henriette and Harry are far enough apart thst they can get together!
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