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for The Power of the Potters

1/7 c8 jcizzle98
Sorry but the ending of this chapter just ruined this whole fic it even sickens me
1/7 c6 Don Draper's Bitch
I love this. I really enjoy pics that explore the wizegemont and Lordshp things. It's amazing what 2 weeks with family has done for Harry.

Thank you for writing and sharing.
1/6 c4 Don Draper's Bitch
Oh so the four men seem to be aware of Dumbledor's manipulations and are taking a separate action. I am intrigued as to what everyone has planned and what they truly want from Harry. Now that the D's are dead, I guess he will be residing with his Potter family. But will it be in the UK or Australia?

Thank you for writing and sharing.
1/6 c3 Don Draper's Bitch
Henriette was being irrational imho. The boy just met all of them (having dealt with years of lies and manipulation and being asked far too much of him at a young age) and she expects him to jump into responsibility he doesn't really know of/understand...ugh. Anyways I'm glad it seems the issue was resolved between them.

Thank you for writing and sharing.
1/6 c2 Don Draper's Bitch
I love this. Harry having a family and support system outside the magic of London and the Ds.

Thank your for writing and sharing.
12/17/2020 c14 shadewolfedrt
I would love to see a story with Henrietta and Hermione has friends with it still being a Harry Hermione ship and Henrietta being with Neville.
11/19/2020 c13 Guest
I'm so glad you didn't try to sell this as a romance story because there's absolutely none in it. Harry runs around treating Hermione like shit because he's about as misogynistic as he could possibly be...and the retarded cow lets him. Fuck them both.

And after all Cuntlette did, she gets exactly what she wants. Such..."punishment". Ugh.

I hope you've taken the time to actually learn about people before you tried writing a single other thing. Your impressions of people are so skewed that you must have been high as a kite to think it's ok for characters to act and react in the weird ways you've tried to write. Please evaluate your relationships to make sure that YOU aren't the abusive one because I'm betting that you are.
11/19/2020 c11 Guest
We get it - Albus kidnapped Harry and Cuntlette is trying to usurp the throne. We did not need a 249 page essay to get the point. Dude, save some of your words for other bits of plot already.

Are we supposed to mourn Poppy? She was aiding and abetting Albus via potioning Harry so that Albus could brain-rape him. Yeah, couldn't care less about that old bitch. She always "missed" Harry's malnutrition, scars, previously broken or fractured bones, so she aided and abetted Albus' quest for Harry to be abused growing up, too, and she went right along with sending him back to those same abusive relatives every year.

Are you SURE this is supposed to somehow miraculously turn into an H/Hr story? Cause I just ain't seein' it. You're way too obsessed with HornyCousinFluff.
11/19/2020 c9 Guest
Is "Fluff" the Horny Cousin going to be a common part of this story? If so, I'll stop reading now. I'm on a cunt-restricted diet. And naturally Harry is being as stupid as ever.
11/19/2020 c8 Guest
Yeah I thought it was a little overdone of Harry to offer a known problem relative access to his information. That would be like putting Ron over the kitchens. Or, rather, his accounts...

If Harry has romantic inclinations toward Hermione, why doesn't he treat her any better than he does? He sits around high on his sudden lordship expecting her to heel like a dog - does he expect her to drop everything and come running when he eventually decides he has time for her? Fuck that sexist bullshit.
11/19/2020 c7 Guest
In a way I don't like it when The Family Dursley are offed during a story. If they've been totally horrid to Harry, it's an easy escape for them. If they've been awful but not terrible, they can't do better and work toward some sort of reconciliation of sorts with him. Also, it's usually (not always, but usually) just a cheap and easy way for writers to get rid of them as a plot device.

Heh, Sirius is one of my favorite characters INCLUDING Pervy!Sirius (so long as it's not too gross...I really don't want to know too much about what his penis is doing...that's his problem, not mine). One thing I wouldn't clutch my pearls over is if Sirius and Harry "get a li'l physical" - they're not closely blood related and the godfather thing is a social construct with no consequences in nature. The main problems would be the age gap between them and Sirius' mental problems after escaping from Az. torture.
11/19/2020 c6 Guest
Great job with the courtroom dramas! They're usually a pickle for writers to do without being boring or OTT but you did a solid job of it. And you gave me a new word I didn't know (hard to do...English major here): fetial. Thank you for that!
11/18/2020 c3 Guest
These people come off sounding like cunts, especially that super-sanctimonious Henry bitch. Please tell me she gets the shit slapped out of her soon!

Oh, well, so far it sounds like they're all just wanting to use Harry for their own gains anyway. Does Harry escape these jackasses soon or is he stuck there in just a different kind of prison?
11/9/2020 c4 N. A. Wennerholm
You have the order of the births of the Dumbledore brothers reversed Albus is the oldest brother and Aberforth is the youngest brother and they had a younger sister. Plus most likely Albus violated the Potters will(s). And the Potters from outside Great Britain are pissed.

And. considering how I know the reactions of my own family who live in other nations outside the United States They would react when it comes to people outside the family interfere with that of Our family's affairs.
9/8/2020 c3 love4HP
So everyone has right to have unrealistic expectations from and be angry on Harry even though they don't know a shot about him or his life and he doesn't retaliate in equal measure. Make his position clear! Right!
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