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10/31/2017 c1 TheEighthHeroOfOlympus
Name: Emily Johnson
Gender: Female
Age: 13
Godly Parent: Hecate (Roman)
Mortal Parent: Adam Johnson (Dead)
Powers: Magic
Hair Color: Brown
Hairstyle: To her shoulders
Eye Color: Green
Height: 5’4
Clothes: Ripped Jeans and a blue T-shirt
Weapon: Sword
Battle Gear: Chest Plate and Helmet
Special Items: None
Personality: Friendly
Fatal Flaw: Loyalty
History/Backstory: Lost her memory
Best Friend: Hazel Levesque
Favorite Activity: War Games
8/10/2016 c1 hi
You can change the history however you want.
8/12/2016 c1 wisegirl7789
Astrid Slovak
Gender: Female
Age: 11
Godly Parent: Hermes
Mortal Parent: Katherine Slovak
Is really good at making all kinds of potions
Can pick locks with her mind
Can sense and disable even the best kind of alarms/traps
Can build traps Really Really Really well
Is good at persuading other people (Not charm speak she's just good at it)
Can sneak up on people so well that they can't see her even is she is right in front of them
Can run super fast
Very Agile
Able to climb well

Hair color: Blond with dark blues streaks at the tips
Hairstyle: Straight usually in a ponytail or braid, can't stand wearing buns.
Eye color: A big blob of grey blue and green
Height: 4'10"
Clothes: Wears a muddy stained T- shirt, Muddy stained shorts and ripped up, muddy falling apart sneakers.
Weapon: A knife that is half silver half celestial bronze
Battle gear: No Armour. Ever. Says it lessens her ability to move.
Her knife
Special Items: (If two is to much then just use the bracelet) 1 A Braclet that always latches onto anybody you want even if he is across the country and forces him/her to always tell the truth until the bracelet is taken off. Given to her on her claiming by Hermes. And a magic deck of cards that never run out. When you pull one out it gives a random blessing to you or your Allies. (Given by the Hecate cabin in return for pranking someone they did not like)

Personality: Astrid is Prank loving, Funny, and Energetic. She has a good brain and uses it to play pranks. She is very imaginative and a good story teller. She also is super good at coming up with strategies. It's hard to get her to be serious, mostly, but when you can shes a good listener. She is also very Loyal and will always stand up for her friend. She never backs down from a fight whether it be hard or easy. She is also very sarcastic especially to her enemies and can be a little to good at coming up with insults.

Fatal Flaw: Pride

History/backstory: Astrid got abused from her mom because her mom was bitter that Hermes left her leaving her to raise a daughter alone. She thought that Astrid was just like Hermes, causing Katherine to take out all her anger on her daughter. One day Astrid had enough and ran away from hoe. After the first monster attack A satyr came and brang her to camp half-blood. After an especially awesome plan in capture the flag idea, Hermes claimed her and the bracket of truth appeared next to her.

Best friends: Ali, daughter of Hades, Lea, daughter of Athena, Laurel daughter of Apollo, and Alyssa daughter of Aphrodite.

Favorite actively: Either Track and Field or knife fighting

I hope you like Astrid!
8/5/2016 c1 hi
Name: Diana Merkins

Gender: Female


Godly parent: Orcus (Roman)

Mortal parent: Judy Merkins, Judge in town court (WHO BTW, loves handing out sentences for the guilty.)

Powers: Can force anyone to bear so much pain and misery they beg for death (sometimes dying from the pain.) Can read peoples minds and memories to find out about weak spots, personal pains etc. Can go to the fields of punishment whenever she desires, (in life and dreams.) Can summon the eternally damned to do things for her.

Hair color: Black as midnight.

Hairstyle: tight pony tail with side bangs.

Eye color: blood-red.

Height: 4' 3"

Clothes: A red t-shirt or polo in the summer, a red sweater in the winter. She wears black pants, short or long depending on the weather. She wears black sunglasses to hide her eyes.

Weapon: She thinks her hands will be enough to kill an army, but the legion gave her two daggers she dubbed dolor and potestatem, or pain and power. (Dolor is made out of imperial gold, postestatem is made out of mortal gold.

battle gear: Simple imperial gold roman armor.

special items: a judge hammer her mom gave her that can knock anyone (or anything) out cold for a month. She gave it away (long story.)

personality: Surprisingly, really sweet most of the time, but can be like a devil if you cross her.

Fatal flaw: Remorselessness - If she kills or injures someone, even accidentally, she doesn't feel sorry. its a gift when facing monsters, but even if she tries feeling sorry for someone on her side, she cant.

History: Diana Merkins lives with her mom in a little house in Long island, despite her dads wishes. A month before her 5th birthday, the monsters attacked. She survived the trip to the wolf house, but her mom died along the way. Lupa was reluctant about training another one of Orcus's spawn, but she proved surprisingly well. On her birthday, Reyna and Jason reluctantly banished her (by popular request) before she could prove herself. She gave away her hammer to Bryce Lawrence. The hammer was always trying to restrain him from doing damage to New Rome. When she proved herself by saving the defenseless legion from a bunch of monsters at dinner when she was 7 (After the war with Gaea,) Reyna and Frank had no choice but to let her in. She is now a legionare of the 5th cohort.

Best friends: Bryce Lawrence, Frank Zhang (5th cohort,) Hazel Levesque (5th cohort,) Reyna

Favorite activity: Going to the fields of punishment
8/2/2016 c1 Guest
name chris
gender girl
age 14
godly parent ares
mortal parent ally
powers war avatar
hair red in pony tail or braid
eyes brown wen fighting red
height 5'7
clothes half blood shirt black skinny jeans black leather jacket combat boots
weapon two eged axe
battle gear bomes
8/2/2016 c1 Guest
Andromeda "Andy" Johansson#
Andrew Johansson(clear sighted)$
Hydrokynisis/storm control/mediocre mist control/#
Long straight#
Stormy blue#
Denim jacket/CHB tee/jeans(torn up)/shell necklace/#
Combat discus(cap America sheid style)/spear of Aeolus#
Brackets become gauntlets #
Necklace contains Necter/automoton unicorn#
Her parentage has subjected her to large amounts of discrimination and coldness from her peers due to that she's shy and not very outgoing/she's powerful and an amazing fighter but often doubts herself do to others opinions/because of her height and clumsiness outside of combat many use her nickname as an insult/she's loyal to her friends and believes her life is always worth giving for others/#
Self doubt in moments of need#
Hailing from Miami she grew up having a close bond with her father before he was killed by a monster attack fell into depression was found by Shane a satyr from Texes and taken to camp half blood at age 11 just before Percy was found was adopted by her mortal aunt and did not return until after giant war went on quests to fight Hercules and recover Aeolus' spear( controls the winds) but lost now risides at camp#
Jason Grace met during his pontifex duties/Lou Ellen best friend/Arron strife son of Eris OC crush#
Cabin 29#
Rock wall#
8/2/2016 c1 NekoraNeko709
Name: Ambrose Oakland
Gender: male
Age:14 (looks a bit younger)
Godly parent: Persephone (Greek)
Mortal parent: Max Oakland (missing), an ex-solider turned gardener
Powers: can control plant life, when threatened plants shield him from harm, hr can grow and heal and plants and take to deer
Hair color: medium brown,
Hair style: messy and fluffy, bangs are a bit longer than the rest
Eye color: emerald
Height: 5'2
Clothes: an old worn red flannel shirt, a jean vest with various pins, and black shorts. wears his dads old dog tags
Weapon: a large intimidating hunting knife called "Beast"
Battle gear: doesn't often wear armor but when he does wears light weight stuff so he can move quick, his knife sheath is made of leather and looks like a regular belt to mortals
Special item: a celestial bronze watch that turns into a shield when the button is clicked
Personality: optimistic, guliable but very easily determined and a bit cocky. Kind to anyone (not extended to Hades). Is afraid of pomegranates and storms. Loves his step-siblings a lot.
Fatal flaw: too trusting and tends to only see the good in people
History: his creation was less about love than Persephone trying to get revenge on Hades for his demigods, later she came to regret it, but Ambrose was still born. He lived most of his life with his father until his dad went missing and went to live with his aunt. Found out he is a demigod a couple months ago.
Best friends: Nico (stepbrother), Hazel (stepsister), lotus (stepsister), Grover and Jupiter, Thalia (his one-sided crush) and Zinna (oc daughter of Demeter)
Favorite activities: gardening, knife fighting, archery and bugging Nico

Hope ya like my oc :) !
8/2/2016 c1 1tardislover500
Name: Zayden Blaze(from another story)
Gender: Male
Age: 14
Godly parent: Hephestus
Mortal parent: Julianne Blaze
Powers: Can use fire to teleport. Can surround himself in fire. Can build many different machines and weapons. And is resistant but not invulnerable to fire.
Hair Color: Silver with a tint of black.
Hairstyle: short, thin and matted.
Eye color: Orange, yellow, and white (like a fire) with specks of coal black.
Height: 5 foot 3 in.
Clothes: When he's working in the forge he likes to look like a blacksmith. But normally he would wear goggles on his forehead(not swim goggles) and a tee shirt with an old fighter pilot jacket and jeans. And for the shoes they are just a pair of sneakers.
Weapon: Two celestial bronze sai and a celestial bronze rapier sword.
Battle gear: celestial bronze shuriken and kunai and smoke bombs which are all stored on a belt. And Greek armour.
Special items: An enchanted hammer that when smashed onto the ground will split the earth under the enemy and they fall straight to Hades realm.
Personality: Easy going and fun loving, jokester, prankster, and loveable but is a loner.
Fatal flaw: Overprotective
Backstory: what ever you want it to be because I'm not good with backstories so I want to see what you can do.
Best friend's: Gavin Dawn (son of Poseidon), Adolphus Megalos or Adom (son of Zeus), Skyler Kore (daughter of Hades), and Katherine Cannon (who my character has a crush on) (daughter of Aphrodite).
Favorite activity: working on machines and weapons.

Good luck with the backstory I can't wait to see what you can do.
Your pal, tardislover500.
8/2/2016 c1 PJOfangirl1218
Julie Vasquez




Isabel Vasquez

Charmspeak in her singing so she can have people do what she wants by singing and she can have sunlight come out of her hands that can burn her enemies

Brown that ombres into a light brown/ blonde

Half up, half down with curly ends

Dark brown


Shes very girly, she likes crop tops, skater skirts and long sweaters that make a cute dress. And sometimes she would wear her cheer uniform

Celestial Bronze dual sword

if shes battling or training, she would wear an army jacket and boots and skinny jeans. All of her clothes a blessed like theyre armor. So they have the protection of armor but if skin shows, she can get cut there

A special ring that Apollo gave her that keeps sunlight inside

Shes very nice but can have mild mood swings. Sometimes her niceness can come off as flirting but when she needs to, she can kick serious tail. She could also be the goddess of insults from the insults she throws

Sometimes shes too trusting

She was born in Ohio and has always won singing competitions. She grew up with her older brother, Cory, and her younger step brother, Dan. Her family was very close but when she was 15, a hellhound attacked her and luckily, a satyr was in the area and took her camp half blood. She is known as one of the best archers and swordsman and is pretty popular in the camp.

Friends: (Carrie Hunt: Daughter of Hecate)(Peyton Jenner: Daughter of Aphrodite)(Amity Hills: Daughter of Demeter) (Percy Jackson: Son of Poseidon)(Katie Gardener: Daughter of Demeter) (Connor and Travis stoll: Sons of Hermes)(Alex Zimmerman: Son of Hermes) (Dan Roberts: Son of Athena)

Carrie is dating Connor
Peyton, Dan
Katie, Travis
Amity, Alex
Julie is single
8/2/2016 c4 StarlightSparrow
I'm not sure how to ask you to write something for my OC, so I'm posting it as a review. Is that ok?
Name: Lark Woods
Gender: female
Age: 13
Godly Parent (Roman or Greek): Aeolus (Greek)
Mortal Parent: Lydia Woods, a well-known weatherwoman
Powers: controls wind, can speak to venti and has limited power over them and other wind spirits
Hair Color: blonde
Hairstyle: shoulder length and loose curls
Eye color: lilac
Height: 5' 4"
Clothes: Camp Half-Blood t-shirt and jeans
Weapon: a Celestial Bronze sword, disguised as a bronze star-shaped pendant attached to a chain that she wears as a necklace. When a demigod tugs on the pendant, it comes off the chain and transforms into a sword. When it touches the chain it shrinks back into a pendant and reattaches to the chain. She found it hiding in the corner of the Camp weapons shed and suspects that her dad may have put it there- but who knows?
Battle Gear: she has light Greek armor, but she never takes it outside of camp
Special Items: her sword
Personality: She's shy at first, but very friendly once she finds common ground. She's adventurous and daring, but protective of her friends. She wants to stay out of mortal company, even her mom, to protect them. She hates saying sorry and admitting that she was wrong, but she'll do it properly if the person deserves it. She's terrified of fire. She's mischievous and likes playing pranks, and her limited power over the harpies means she can sometimes stay out past curfew. She's kind of sassy and has a great sense of humor.
Fatal Flaw: overprotective
History/Backstory: Lark had always seen the monsters that no one else saw, but they had never bothered her. Until one summer she was eight years old and running away from an outdoor family barbecue. She was caught by a small group of Cyclopes. They tied her up over a fire and began to cook her alive. Luckily, some demigods from Camp Half-Blood found and rescued her before she got any worse injuries than second degree burns all over (nothing a little ambrosia can't fix). She was taken to Camp Half-Blood and was claimed not long after. She stayed year round until the end of next summer, then went back home and now just comes to Camp during the summer.
Best friends (Made up or Canon, also include Cabin): Ethan (13, son of Athena) and Jade (12, undetermined)
Favorite Activity: flying (with the winds or on pegasi)
8/2/2016 c1 93Number Eleven is my OC
Name: Elana Legacy
Gender: Female
Age: 18 (at the end of HoO)
Godly Parent: Zeus
Mortal Parent: Gwendolyn Legacy
Powers: Flight, lightning control
Hair color: Black
Hairstyle: straight and long
Eye color: Stormy green
Height: 5'10
Clothes: Camp Half-Blood T-Shirt with jeans and the leather necklace with 8 beads on it
Weapon: a flip-phone given to her by her father, every number button turns it into a different type of weapon (1 a sword, 2 a bow, 3 a javelin, 4 a spear, 5 a mace, 6 a dagger, 7 an axe, 8 a club, 9 a small collection of throwing knives, 0 a crossbow), and once it is a weapon an identical button appears somewhere on the weapon so she can change it back.
Battle Gear: a quiver that looks like a backpack to mortals
Special Items: the flip-phone and quiver
Personality: Kind of rash and impulsive, has a tendency to loose it when her friends are involved, pissed off easily, when angry she can be incredibly violent (depending on who it is), she's normally positive yet unintelligent and often needs people like Annabeth to explain things to her unless they're simple and easy to understand, tends to just rush in without really making a plan (which sometimes puts her and Annabeth into conflict), when she went to school she had a C- average (if that helps with her intelligence level)
Fatal Flaw: Recklessness and tendency to ignore plans when she gets even a little pissed off
History/Backstory: When she was 10 her apartment was attacked by monsters, her mother managed to get her out before she was killed herself. Elana was soon found by a satyr a few years older than her and brought to Camp Half-Blood, where she remained for the next 8 years.
Best Friends: Annabeth Chase, Percy Jackson, Thalia Grace (cabin), Jason Grace (cabin), Thomas Roberson (boyfriend) (son of Hermes)
Favorite Activity: Beating Percy in capture the flag... because she's on Annabeth's team
7/31/2016 c2 scoutingmom21
Name: Pheobe Jack (Greek) Pheobe means sparkling
(Etymology & Historical Origin)Jack meaning God is gracious


Godly Parent (Roman or Greek): (Greek)Poseidon

Mortal Parent:Alive

Powers:Over water just like percy

Hair Color:Black like percy

Hairstyle: long and wavy like a beach wave

Eye color: green

Height: 5'7

Clothes:blue tank top with greenish shorts flipflops


Battle Gear:idk u chose

Special Items: u chose

Personality:friendly unless u hurt her best friend or brother

Fatal Flaw: Always protects best friend and brother before herself

History/Backstory: Found out she was demigod litteraly like Percy did

Best friends (Made up or Canon, also include Cabin):Annabeth Chase Athena

Favorite Activity: Battling or swimming
7/29/2016 c2 Princess of the Fandom
I love this! You did an amazing job portraying Alsa!
7/27/2016 c1 GOD
Name: Emily Smith Mortal Parent: Fred Smith Powers: Able to summon a deer with gold horns gender: girl age :15 god parent: Artemis hair: Black nearly blue hairstyle: Braid eye: tuorqoise height: 21 feet clothes: jeans short sleeve camp half blood combat boots weapon: Celestial bronze sword with a moon at the bottom special items a amulet that allows her to communicate with animals Personality: bravery, courage , confidence , creativity , can be a bit shy ,athletic , mature and kindness fatal flaw: has to dance under a full moon best friends: Daniel Hephatepaus cabin activity: capture the flag , dancing , swimming , singing and sword fighting YAY im quite proud of myself
7/25/2016 c1 Person
Name: Daniella Hastroll
Age: 14
Godly Parent: Athena
Mortal Parent: Jacob Hastroll, a retired military officer
Powers: intelligent, and once in a while can read your mind...takes a lot of energy though
Hair Color: blond
Hairstyle: side bangs with a slight curl at the bottom, wavy from the top to the bottom
Eye Color: gray
Height: 5 ft. 5 in.
Clothes: CHB shirt along with blue jean shorts and a loose belt to hold her weapon
Weapon: first choice-celestial bronze sword 'Silence' or a dagger
Battle Gear: Greek armor nothing fancy (she's lived at CHB for three years now)
Special Items: her sword can turn into a ring if you tap the small owl icon right under the blade of the sword. To expand, she pulls it off her finger and flips it in the air (kind've like Jason's sword)
Personality: stubborn, intelligent, sarcastic, kind, obedient, neat, a-go-with-the-flow kind've attitude, impulsive -unlike most Athenian campers, her mind has never been very strategic. She thinks on the run not before it
History/background: every since she was eleven, she lived at CHB as a summer camper. Before she was eleven, she lived with her father in Wisconsin, who retired and became a high school professor in war and strategy. Even when she started going to CHB, she always came back home for the school year. Right now, she would be finishing up her eight grade year.
Friends: (this takes place 9 years after BoO) Jenica Kole, daughter of Athena; Paul Sarwer, son of Nike; Rick Topin, son of Hermes (could possibly be future boyfriend); Walter Dory, son of Athena; Penelope Maps, daughter of Demeter
Favorite Activity: drawing, playing Risk, Capture the Flag, sword fighting, and Volleyball
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