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8/10/2019 c1 jtdarkman
Damn fuzzy feelings I must be coming down with something and I’m not vibrating at the complete adorableness of this doc I have a condition and yea it was cute but you can’t spell cute without cut like a man cut is manly and awesome so yea CUTe excuse me my eyes are sweating cuz men don’t cry at adorable fluffy things
7/16/2019 c1 Guest
jaaja esos dos juntos en la ecatonbe
12/12/2018 c1 Guest
jaja judi siempre tendrá un modo de atrapar a nick
4/11/2018 c1 Guest
se lo que se siente salir volando y no es bonito buaaa
9/4/2016 c1 Diva4FunkRock
this is too awesome. so, guns n rodents? Elk-ton John? Bulldog Mars? waiting ...
8/25/2016 c1 Protoestrella1
In favorites! I hope you write more about these two and their amazing friendship!
8/13/2016 c1 44Lt. Basil
8/6/2016 c1 Mn
Very cute! Good work!
7/31/2016 c1 32RyokoMist
First of all: *neck roll* Dont be BLAAAAAMING ME! This is totes your fault! LOL Thanks for the shout out! Reading these have definitely made me feel inspired to do my own Zootopia one-shots. Maybe someday soon.

Also, OKAY! WHY ARE YOU PUTTING ME IN THE FEELS?! That repeated love exchange from the end of the movie?! REALLY?! You really wanted me to feel these feely feels today?! You know what, you're back on punishment! I DONT CARE IF I DO LOVE THIS STORY, YOU'RE ON PUNISHMENT!

7/26/2016 c1 jerry.tiberlake864
Cute oneshot, you should totally make more like this and also longer story.
7/25/2016 c1 20Watership's Nightwish Rat
O. M. Goodness. Two Zootopia one-shots posted in one night by the same great author. Which means... this reaction. *Fangirl squeal*

Poor Judy and Nick, though... that would be tough to go through. I like that Bogo came to check on them, in spite of the fact that he really is a bit of a jerk. Like he said, though, he makes it work for him. XD

I loved this story! (As usual with the fanfics of yours that I read. ;)) I look forward to more Zootopia stories from you!

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