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7/30/2017 c1 112Nataku Makuraka
Hannnn I wanted to know his mom's story ! Although I think she was a villain... ? Anyway I loved it ! The character development was great, and Hizashi though ! Thanks so much for your work on that wonderful ship and those awesome charaters, babies needs more attention ಥಥ
2/20/2017 c1 18kakashifan9
I always love reading stories about Shouta's childhood. Shouta's a really interesting character, especially since his quirk doesn't amplify his strength (just evens out the playing field) so I was super happy to find that your story touches on that. And I love how you developed Hizashi and Shouta's relationship! When Shouta was bleeding out on Hizashi's back, I loved how Hizashi gave him his headphones to keep him awake. And the shutter shades! Lmao! I also really appreciate how Hizashi played a huge part in helping Shouta develop his fighting style.

I'm surprised that I haven't read this story before. I better pay more attention to the Shouta tag, especially if there's a chance of this story updating! (Shouta stories are very rare to come by. :( ) Thank you for sharing!

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