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11/4 c26 2NanamiHades
Continúa! Es genial ésta historia
10/26 c1 1Eadlyn I
coming back again and rereading this Fanfiction. Still love it.i hope you find your muse soon
10/9 c26 Guest 69
Hey, just binged these chapters, and can I just say, wow! I was hoping it would be completed ‘cause of the high word count, but alas, you can’t have everything. I was a bit put off in the beginning because you said Sakura would be a big coward and I like the fics where the MC is powerful, or at least becomes strong enough to help her teammates, but this was a pleasant surprise! I recently read a fanfic, “Scorpion’s Disciple,” about Sasori taking Naruto on as a disciple of sorts and Naruto becoming stronger and smart—not stupid or naive, like he had been in canon. I loved it and googled for fics similar to it, and found your story somehow. I’m glad I did and will be waiting for more chapters! Since I don’t have an account, unfortunately I’m reviewing as a guest, but I just wanted to let you know you’re doing an impressive job of making this fic something I would wait for more updates for (I’m a picky reader and not very patient ). Anyway, thank you for creating this and taking the time to check for spelling/grammatical errors! (Btw, you’re supposed to write “cool.” Instead of “cool”. Or ‘Jeez.’ Instead of ‘Jeez’. And such. Just wanted to let you know so you could potentially avoid that in the future.) No need to rewrite chapters several times, too—it adds to time to make more chapters, and I really want more chapters to add to my addiction ! Often, the first decision is the best decision. If you feel you hate something, ofc, change it, but don’t feel pressured to make a chapter perfect—no one is :). I prob won’t post another review since I’ve never reviewed a fic in my life and this is my first one, so just know someone admires your work and you’ve gained a fan . Thank you again for your time and creativity put into this fanfic! (Btw I love your Author’s notes and the fact that you take the time to put in your honest opinions and make an effort to grow close with your readers, taking advice (ex. recap of chapters) to heart and accepting it.)
-Me, whose name is actually Sophia but since there are so many Sophias out there it’s not like I’ll be giving out any sensitive/personal info to strangers.
9/22 c13 enjoyedyourfic
I like your writing style. I do not like that Sakura is such a little bitch about everything. I get it, though. Far more realistic this way. Just not fun to read. I know people will of course disagree, but isn't it more fun to have a character who's competence and bravery is somehow made believable than it is to read about the panicked inner monologue of a person who acts competently but is a total and utter coward about everything?

anway, still very much enjoyed reading it and of course won't stop. Perhaps sakura will grow out of her cowardice. srsly, it's tedious to watch her panic 9 times in a row in one chapter
9/10 c26 bloodmosiac
hope ur doing ok! hope uni is going well and ur having fun!
i like to come back and reread this fic from time to time since it’s one of my favorites, i could probably print it out and read it page to page like a book thts how much i love it lol
9/9 c8 LostZoro
If she was a spy, she would just continue acting average instead of doing that to Kakashi though. And besides one her teammate is an Uchiha so if she was a spy, then she would rather target Sasuke for his eyes instead of Kakashi’s bones or something. Idk how they came to that conclusion, unless they thought she was a sloppy spy?
9/9 c7 LostZoro
Sakura, girl, at this point you don’t need to justify your contradicting actions just do what you want to do
9/9 c6 LostZoro
Isn’t this what she wanted? For them to view her as “doing nothing, just an average girl”? Idk why she got mad when it’s what she wanted. You even wanted to purposely fail this test so what gives?
and clearly the speech was just to test you duhhh use your “smart“ adult mind xD
Btw this comment is for the SI not the story itself
9/9 c3 LostZoro
“You can seat with us”
Lol is this Mean Girls? xD
And Sakura 2.0 you really hate children hahahaha
8/3 c17 Guest
this is the cutest shit i have ever seen im dying oml

love love love this fic so much 3
7/26 c9 Guest
i really, REALLY tried to get past the whole “i’m in naruto and i have to get out” trope but i honestly couldn’t. this fic is well written but it’s irritating to see sakura be this “holier than thou” person who avoids all her problems
6/21 c26 SkyCake
So I found this fic a few days ago and have now gotten through all available chapters. I hope you return to this story someday. This seems like a great take on the oc isekai Sakura Haruno. I love a well written morally grey character. The fact that there is very few spelling errors is also a plus. Oh and this is a minor critique and I realize this Sakura is trying not to stand out but will she ever upgrade her outfit with a bit more color? Like she could wear something like a black and grey hoodie paired with a dark red shirt and maybe dark blue pants.
6/9 c1 getalife1000
YUH GIRL. Fuck Konoha, Konoha insulted us.
5/21 c1 7SyrinxSilenus
I love the fic! altho I disagree with a lot of things this Sakura believed but she's realistic. And every chapter kept the readers on their toes. I have a job at 9am and I'm still up at 3 am. argh but really, is there any hope for this fic to be updated?
5/21 c1 SyrinxSilenus
you've got to be kidding meeeeee!? it hadnt been updated for yeeaaaarrrssssss waaaahhhhh TT
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