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7/30/2019 c17 8animecutylover
Lol. Lee fell "in love" with Sakura again?
7/30/2019 c16 animecutylover
Wow. Blowing up people's houses now huh?
7/30/2019 c15 animecutylover
7/30/2019 c14 animecutylover
Wow. It’s just false hope.
7/30/2019 c13 animecutylover
Yikes. This is even more of a mess than canon.
7/30/2019 c12 animecutylover
That sure escalated.
7/30/2019 c11 animecutylover
They’re probably the same most of the time. Seducing and killing.
7/30/2019 c10 animecutylover
The fuck?
7/29/2019 c9 animecutylover
Geez. Sakura, you’re not that important. You’re not even Anko, who had Orochimaru as a teacher.
7/29/2019 c8 animecutylover
Phew. That was close.
7/29/2019 c7 animecutylover
Uh oh.
7/29/2019 c6 animecutylover
Yikes. I understand.

Having a mask and then failing at keeping it.
7/29/2019 c5 animecutylover
Lol. Your ‘dream’ team is weirdly enough okay.
7/29/2019 c4 animecutylover
I would actually try to stop the senseless killing of young children younger than 5, as they don’t know anything. And they can be molded to not hate Konoha.
7/29/2019 c3 animecutylover
I don’t know/remember much meanings to flowers too. Except for the red spider lily. It represents death. And together with the white one, they would most likely mean reincarnation. I’m happy with this meaning. XD
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