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for To Kill a Bull

7/26/2016 c1 2Akane Shinigami
Awesome chapter! I love how 'Sakura' chose to take the approach of survival first, and that she realized the Naruto world is actually dangerous :)
Great job! :D
7/26/2016 c1 1treavellergirl
The risk of being thought of as so average and unnoticeable would be to be flagged as potential for infiltration missions. And somehow it seem as if it will be the Nara and Aburame that will bust her mask of averageness, on accident to booth. Since it seem that the Aburame tend to be forgotten so much that they see everything that goes on, not to mention their bugs might smell it when others feel scared, bored, angry etc and report it to their host. Kind of hard to lie to someone that can sniff it out, quite literally at that. The Inuzuka might need more training to make use of it since that clan seem to focus on that more in their later stages of learning when they have more control of other stuff (if that even makes sense).
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