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for To Kill a Bull

5/21/2022 c1 7SyrinxSilenus
you've got to be kidding meeeeee!? it hadnt been updated for yeeaaaarrrssssss waaaahhhhh TT
3/24/2022 c26 23Forbidden-Hanyou
Just found this story, it's amazing! This Sakura is honestly more realistic and visceral than most fics and I love it! I see message on your profile of a possible future update soon perhaps? It said a rewrite, though to be honest it's hard to see what needs to be rewritten! Keep up the amazing work!
3/20/2022 c17 Daze-StoleUrMilk
Same dude same he could snap my neck and I’d be honored. Same goes for Anko.
2/27/2022 c17 XxKawaiPotatoesxX
Gaara. I would become a jashin cultist for him so he could crush me again and again with his sand
2/27/2022 c16 XxKawaiPotatoesxX
depends on the context or type of fight because if were enemies I would choose Haku (at least he will make my death quick) but if we were allies or sparring then I would choose zabuza because I don't want to know why Haku is stronger than Zabuza
2/26/2022 c8 XxKawaiPotatoesxX
A medic jōnin so I could further my anatomy studies without studying because traumna can never be forgotten I would traumatize myself to memories anatomy
2/26/2022 c7 XxKawaiPotatoesxX
Shadow clone jutsu because imagine the money you can make for FREEEEEE labour like no robots needed. I can already feel the bills in my hand for having to pay nothing but your chakra for hard labour.

No slaves

No machine take over

No guilt from not being able to pay your employees!

2/26/2022 c3 XxKawaiPotatoesxX
I would "try" to befriend rookie nine during their birthdays like giving them gifts and and such or compliment them but I wouldn't have the balls to talk to them without reason.

I would avoid them all when class ends if they don't ask me first.
1/27/2022 c4 Guest
Agree on you there. I know that Itachi himself is a victim because he was forced to create such decisions but i cannot recognize him as a hero. Killing defenseless people or yet children, babies that's just something i could not forget whenever Itachi comes onscreen. Of course they are other people involved in the matter but still. Killing is still killing and the fact that people in the fandom glorified Itachi as some sort of hero just doesnt sit well with me.
1/20/2022 c26 quarttzblade12
I love everything you do so much
1/1/2022 c22 1KohleMalDrei
I always found sabotage and fuinjutsu very interesting, so I’d probably go into a mix of that field. Now how to cheat... The most likely solution would be to create a seal that allows for silent communication, most likely a kind of morse code used with tapping the seal. When my team's paper was filled out I would most likely start sabotaging the others. Making people unable to write with a seal that stops movement or using fake explosive tags to cause havoc.
12/31/2021 c26 pink3458
I love this story so much! Thank you for writing it and letting us read it ️ Even though this is abandoned and will likely not be picked up again, thank you so much for this incredible story so far.
12/30/2021 c26 21CDR. Grae
Just as the story is picking up, that cliffhanger was unbearable! I almost cried because I was really focused at those intense scenes that when I saw that was the last, I was heartbroken. I absolutely LOVE the way you wrote fight scenes. I can clearly feel the desperation and fear Sakura had all throughout the fic, but especially in the Forest of Death. Changing the 2nd exam into something really hard made me wonder if most of the Rookie Nine could even pass it this time. You weren't kidding when you said if you go AU, you go absolutely AU. The way you wrote the mission in Wave was so interesting too, especially how such a simple choice such as the one Sakura's father made could impact the entire plot. That was a really good detail. I also relate to Sakura on a spiritual level with her fear of dying. Although all we want is for characters in these stories to act brave and save everyone all the time, Sakura gave me the realization that a normal person suddenly reincarnating in the Naruto world and faced with the fact that they have to kill or be killed would be absolutely terrified. Her actions and fear are understandable and really well written. Her relationship with the other characters are also great, since they didn't form bonds easily like other OC stories do. It was gradual, and even now, I don't know what Kakashi, Sasuke, and Naruto think of her. Especially with how Sasuke is just following her lead and going along with her during the exams. I wonder what he's thinking.

Also, we were promised Shikamaru but there is still no Shikamaru :( I think you meant to write him more when it comes time for Sasuke's rescue mission. I'm just sad we didn't reach that part. Nevertheless, thank you so much for writing this! I really loved every word of it. I hope you can continue this soon! Stay safe!
12/2/2021 c26 4Mercymadness
Such a unique story, I can’t wait to see the next chapter. Please update soon!
12/1/2021 c17 Mercymadness
It would make me really happy to see you pair sakura and Lee despite their personality differences lmao. Do you take bribes?
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