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for To Kill a Bull

11/30/2021 c26 2CharmedbyFire
Thank you for your story! Even though it hurt when I realised there was no next chapter button haha, I have really enjoyed what I read so far. Sakura’s desperation and struggle feels so REAL the way you write her. Even if you don’t continue this, thank you so much again!
11/14/2021 c26 Guest
why did you never finish this - it is so good. i come back to reread it al the time
10/26/2021 c26 stumyvenus
I so wanted you to continue with the story. congratulations on your creativity, you write very well. please come back
10/25/2021 c26 boule de suie
J'aime tellement votre fanfic, c'est la 3ème fois que je l'a relis, elle est toujours aussi super.
Bien joué !
10/17/2021 c26 alia00
It's amazing
10/16/2021 c26 Damn

This was well done.
10/16/2021 c1 adi6123
This is excellent. I'm so invested in this story.
10/13/2021 c17 Guest
I would let grownup hinata kick me cuz she would probably tap her foot on me than actually kick me in her cute way...i say let but she really just needs a finger flick to kill me if she wanted
10/13/2021 c14 Guest
Why would the gaisha run with them when theyr already in their mission location?
10/13/2021 c4 Guest
Yo whats the point in being invinsible socialy when normal people are fuckin killed everyday?

Normal ninja are the red shirts dude
9/25/2021 c24 randomguest
Now, this is a good story right here.

I love this Sakura. This pink-haired, weak-willed kunoichi, so reclutant to stand up and fight but doing it anyway (Even if only for a lack of options). Not many main characters like that out there, let alone an OC-Insert.

One thing I've noticed in many of these reviews is a distaste for Sakura's attitude: cowardly and paranoid. I think most of that comes from the fact that she doesn't fit the underdog stereotype (unskilled, but brave and determined). Honestly, if you're looking for that, just watch the original Naruto Series.

Reading fanfics has always been one of my guilty pleasures, taking these set characters and just completely branching them away from canon, making them go through these new, strange situations without changing their core. Many of these Self/OC/Reader-Insert stories have the character in question becoming an all-knowing, unbeatable force of nature, loved and adored by all. We like to see the best of us reflected on them, when in reality, THIS Sakura is what most of us would be like if we were thrown in a new world with these aggressive supernatural humans, sent to our deaths by a village that equals your worth to how much you've sacrificed for it and what can you offer as a weapon.

I absolutely love the tone you set, the grim and dirt of it all. I ADORE this OC/Sakura: cowardly, paranoid and desperate, everything a person shouldn't aim to be, she's as flawed as they come; But there are little moments when you can see something else shine through her cracks and it makes this one of her most beautiful characterizations to me. So humanly flawed. She's not perfect, and that's okay, she's not supposed to be.

The Zabuza Arc was so well done in my opinion, considering this is a Naruto fanfic and certain things are set in stone in order for the story to move along. That butterfly effect of Sakura coming home early one day causing Haku to survive was pure perfection. I also liked that one bit concerning Haku and Zabuza and how this Sakura KNOWS they are supposed to be these tragic/sad backstory characters, but in the heat of battle, fearing for her life, she no longer has any feelings of sympathy whatsoever and wants them dead, it's as realistic as one can get when writing a story about a person stepping into a fictional world.

The only thing I've disliked so far is that the last update was in 2017. I almost don't want to read the last few chapters to make it last. Seriously hoping the writer comes back someday, this will be one of my faves. Ramble-time is over :)
9/21/2021 c26 2HPMARIE
Love it!
9/20/2021 c9 Hina-cchi
I think it's Konoha giving the warning. Probably
9/1/2021 c7 sleeper mob
yet another contrivance to push the plot you want but really, what's new? oh well. i'll just pretend chapter 1-5 didn't happen and this is just a typical story where sakura had an early start but still an idiot.
9/1/2021 c6 sleeper mob
it was good the first few chapters, then contrivance after contrivance and the supposed "adult" in sakura's body holding the idiot ball for too long so that her staying in team 7 can be somehow justified. meh.
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