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10/11/2020 c4 Guest
She’s not having a good time at all, is she? XD
10/11/2020 c9 Bb34
I wouldn't want to be there either.
9/27/2020 c11 Guest
I completely understand that Sakura has to have a learning curve and that her character has to evolve someway, but this feels ridiculous. She's too afraid to even think straight in front of the Hokage, and don't even get me started on T&I.
Where is the intelligence of the older woman that's supposed to have all the memories? The only thing she seems to do is criticize the system and get panic attacks.
Additionally to that it looks like they all completely lost their trust in her and are already treating her like a traitor.

The fact that she is incredibly unlikeable and doesn't have a single good quality to her does not help this.

I am wondering if you're even going to be able to start writing her character grow because right now it looks like you've written yourself into a corner.

This has been the lowest point so far. If you want to write good stories you need action driven characters. They don't need to rationalize every single thing they do, they just need to do stuff. Your character here is driven by inaction/anxiety/fears and it translates into cowardice and weakness which is the last thing Sakura needs in the Naruto Universe.
9/16/2020 c26 bunnyonvenus
This is so good! Idk if it’ll be updated but I really appreciate the work!
9/16/2020 c26 bunnyonvenus
This is so good! Idk if it’ll be updated but I really appreciate the work!
9/14/2020 c23 3ExBlazE
Oh my... GOD. The rush. The pure adrenaline rush that was the chase was... overwhelming. Dang.
9/13/2020 c3 random-name-sup
If I was a child, Sakura probably. I can see how her attitude could've been similar to my own had I been in Naruto, of course after she gained confidence and before the whole crush on Sasuke and fallout with Ino situation. I was a loud and aggressive spawn of devil that basically was the very definition of 'bite me' so maybe she would be the voice of reason that could still keep up with me.

As an adult, Shino or Shikamaru. I like being able to just BE in company, not having to do anything with someone or having the forced conversation one side usually struggled to keep from dying out. Hell, maybe Shino could introduce some interesting bugs to me I could doodle in my notebooks while Shikamaru would just be there and not mind me ignoring him in favor of my drawings.

I would most likely avoid Kiba while staring longingly at Akamaru, we would clash and rile each other up probably or I would grow too tired of his antics to even try to socialize with him. Probably avoid Ino too because I was biased against the popular-pretty-girl types when I was younger.
9/5/2020 c26 1tofusaurus
I stayed up all night to do a reread and enjoyed it just as much the second time around! I love your characterization of Team 7 and the dynamic they’ve been developing as they go through these difficult experiences together.
8/17/2020 c26 Guest
i just realised this is the end and i am sobbing your writing is so good i feel lile im in the forest myself and i was anxious af during the fight with orochimaru but i cant beloeve u left it here T_T

i hope u write more in the future! take carre
8/7/2020 c6 4Kian Xki
it was far too convenient that THIS was her breaking point, you can feel the Author Influence at that moment

As 'average' she is used to low opinions and expectations, they shouldn't matter to her, more so when she had a breakdown about being noticeable
8/7/2020 c4 Kian Xki
You did well in this and my opinion is that only those with the mental pollution of a cheat ability would attempt to stop the Uchiha Massacre

Most would be like Sakura and suddenly remember that the Uchiha clan wasn't always just Sasuke

That is unless you are an Uchiha and your own death becomes very real but that likely counts as a cheat

The next part is what i got from Sakura, you did a particularly good job at keeping her grounded when most would go for the joy of being a cheat holder

Uchiha Massacre

Is not about "letting it happen"

It is about indifference to other's suffering, we know there are people in pain but we don't care enough to give more than empty words

Someone in Sakura's spot wouldn't have emotional ties to the Uchiha, in the anime it is pretty much a statement of "Itachi killed everyone" but in here she found out that the "everyone" that every Fanfic justified was not only rebellious ninja but also normal civilians, kind parents, strong brothers, caring sisters, loyal friends, brave children and innocent babies

At some point she would likely had overlooked the possibly massacre by "out off mind out off worries" and come with a justification to appease the guilt and make herself feel in control

Let's forget that informing anyone would be useless as the words of a kid would be ignored


It would be an action against her greatest fear of being noticed by anyone in power
7/22/2020 c26 Omnireceptacle
What? Nani? It's the end? No, this can't be it, right? There's no way this chapter, posted in 2017, was the end. There's absolutely no way you aren't secretly keeping 30 more chapters unreleased, right..?

My life is over with this chapter.
7/17/2020 c12 rahad
Horrible OC. Scare of everything... dont waste time with this story...
7/14/2020 c18 3Kyunlei
re-reading this fanfic for like the third time I think and I'm still super enjoying this. You had me laughing so hard in the last chapter about Lee saying he'd totally let Sakura kick him to feeling sad and sorry for Zabuza and Haku in this chapter D: This fanfic still gets me with those feels after re-reading it so many times.
7/13/2020 c26 1Capitulila
wow, that was really intense ! i really liked your narration ! it is so well developed and creative ! totally different from all the other fanfiction I've read !

thanks for writing something so amazing !
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