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for More than Skin Deep

12/27/2018 c10 thepinkmartini
Loved it! Also loved the fact that Hitomi got to meet Eva! Wonderful story and you tied things nicely. Thank you for writing this .
12/27/2018 c9 thepinkmartini
Ah their children are so cute! Love this ending! They deserve a happy one after all the pain they went through.
12/27/2018 c8 thepinkmartini
*sighs in relief* So glad they got married in the village of Arzas. It's definitely a more fitting type of ceremony as opposed to one filled with fanfare. And Merle embracing Hitomi in the end! That was unexpected, but a very pleasant surprise nonetheless.
12/27/2018 c7 thepinkmartini
Yukari saves the day! Hitomi really needed that wake up call. Interesting take on the effects of repeated contact with the pillar of light. This is the first Escaflowne fic I've read that took that route. Very interesting indeed!
12/26/2018 c6 thepinkmartini
OMGGGGGG INTERNALLY SCREAMING AT THE LAST PART! Okay. I gotta calm down. Anyways, I kinda want to whack Merle in the head for being so harsh with Hitomi, but at the same time, I know it’s her sisterly instinct taking charge. Poor Hitomi though. To see and feel so many things with a single touch must be a nightmare. I hope there’s some sort of solution to this dilemma.
12/26/2018 c5 thepinkmartini
Hitomi’s first day back in Fanelia and she already gets into trouble lol. Loved it! And your writing style is soooooo good. I love the way you write both Van and Hitomi. Their actions and words are always in character.
12/26/2018 c4 thepinkmartini
I LOVE IT! Loved the awkwardness between Van and Hitomi. Now I'm dreading what Merle's reaction will be to Hitomi's return.
12/26/2018 c3 thepinkmartini
Beautiful chapter! I'm glad Folken got through to Hitomi. Now let's see if she'll follow through.
12/26/2018 c2 thepinkmartini
Damn. This is quite depressing. Such a heavy subject. Written beautifully though.
12/14/2017 c10 Vhosek
This story was simply amazing and it really was a great read. There were moments that made me laugh and ones that caused me to shed a few tears but through it all was a beautiful tale of love! Watching Hitomi grow and change to get where she is just leaves me happy in how things finally turned out for them all! Thank you!
9/7/2017 c1 440four
10 chapters later and I'm still hung up on the shirt design so Van's wings don't rip it. Oh dear why has nobody else thought about this before?! No really I'm sorry but wow I don't know why I'm so hung up on it. The story is amazing. I love the thought you put into where her powers came from and what life is like for her on earth. Also, the description of how Hitomi feels Merle are dead on. It makes so much sense given her personality. Honestly I for some reason was hoping Eva would end up with Merle and that would also explain her outrage at Van entertaining the thought of choosing Eva. But the actual ending is sweet too. I binged the whole story yesterday on the beach, at the bar, ignoring almost everybody. It was blissful!
8/20/2017 c10 Guest
I feel hooked and sad reading your just so heavy that Hitomi have to fo through that experiences but im really how it turned out the other way around.
3/31/2017 c10 1pinkdynamite
Such a beautiful ending! I loved watching the characters grow to become stronger people, both together and apart. Thank you for a great read! :)
3/6/2017 c10 2Meghanna Starsong
Awww...what a nice bonus! I like that Eva and Caine wind up together, and that everyone can have their happily ever after. That's super sweet! I was proud to beta this story; it was so thoughtful and interesting. Now, onto Surface Tension!
3/2/2017 c9 Meghanna Starsong
Oh, my goodness! Those little Fanels! 3 3 3 They are soooo cute! *fangirls* I can imagine they are going to keep Van and Hitomi on their toes. I've said this already, but great idea for putting the spirits to rest. Maybe that was even the reason for her phantasmal visitors on Earth to begin with - how to help others like them to sleep. Super glad to see a happy ending. _
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