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for A Black Flower

4/11/2022 c7 31katraj0908
Loving this
2/22/2022 c6 1Iamnotafraid
isn't mcgonagall much older than voldemort?
2/20/2022 c7 Dancer5200
I understood that reference! Never before have I randomly come across another person who knows about Hot Sergei.
2/18/2022 c7 1Joepart5
They teach algebra 2 in college? I thought they only taught that in highschool.
2/18/2022 c7 vega0987
I love how comfortable the author is at changing Canon. The story feels unique while being well written. Kudos to the author, I hate it when author's create new and interesting oc characters only to have them follow Canon and never change anything.

I really like the changes to Aunt Eileen Prince!
On the other side I feel sooo sympathetic to Lizzy and Richard. Pansy treats them so terrible but they are trying to be good parents to such a difficult child.
Anyways the story flows well and the author does a good job, the main character is just hard to like because of how she behaves.
3/30/2021 c6 sofiek
oooh so interesting
3/20/2021 c1 Guest
3/8/2021 c6 evan17w
Ooo here we go.
All those hints about changes from Canon.
2/26/2021 c6 4Naliyu
The hat wasn’t referring to the twins part when it said ‘another one’ was he?
2/19/2021 c6 4lizyeh2000
Thanks for updating! Aw that sucks they ruined her stuff
2/19/2021 c6 9threereasonswhy
Screw. That! Screw YOU Sirius! YOU JAMES. Oh and have her with Malfoy. Ooh, or Remus!
2/19/2021 c6 I Am IronMaiden
Ooh snap. Another one from our worls..and are they the only one is the question lol
2/18/2021 c6 5Makahina
Pansy is quite snobbish as a character that fits well for a Slytherin. The way she is written, it seems as if she thinks she is better than other people. I don't really like her as a character but your story is interesting and well written and I want to see where you will lead us. Pansy is not a Mary Sue anyway. But the way she treats her family is pure crap.
2/18/2021 c6 welcome007
Didnt like the sorting to slytherin
2/18/2021 c6 19Girl-luvs-manga
Ooh I wonder if a lot of reborn souls are the reason that a lot of things are different. Hopefully her and Severus won't have a huge spat later down the road.
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