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for A Black Flower

7/28/2017 c5 chibi-Clar
7/27/2017 c5 WizardingWhovian
Great chapter and now off to Hogwarts!
7/27/2017 c5 DarkDust27
So will James be interested in Pansy at all? I just thought it would be funny to watch Pansy turn James down constantly because she has zero interest. It would also be a plus if she kicked his butt if he ever tried to bully Severus(or anyone else). :3

Anyway thanks for the update!
7/27/2017 c5 xenocanaan
Olivander certainly gave a cryptic little hint to something. I can't wait to find out what!
6/2/2017 c4 1hermonine
nice story, update soon
3/16/2017 c4 Guest
Keep up the good work! I'm looking forward to an update :)
2/24/2017 c4 11kaitlin2515
Loving this! Thanks for updating, Lovely!
12/29/2016 c3 5HappyTerrier
Awesome story so far!
12/29/2016 c3 73Mentathial
10/11/2016 c3 idrinkstellaartois123
Interesting idea for a story
8/26/2016 c3 Guest
Please post another chapter soon. This is so good. Honestly can't wait to read more.
8/11/2016 c3 Ben
Have to say that so far I'm not looking forward to how this is going. You've taken away the story with the big-bads gone. It almost seems like your setting her up as the villain and I don't read that crap. Also being anti religion tos pot of a character isn't doing you any favors either. You do realize that 8 out of ten people around the world are religious and therefore belong to a religion? On the other hand if your goal is to have most everyone hate your character then your doing an awesome job. Kudos
8/11/2016 c1 chibi-Clar
This is exciting!
8/10/2016 c2 1Mary D. Black2000
I love self inserts! Please update soon because this is really interesting and kind of diferent.
8/8/2016 c2 Madam3Mayh3m
Glad I found this. Thanks for creating it !
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