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for The Assassin's Blade

5/6 c26 1SapplingOfAStar
Awe, such a cute chapter! Star Wars fanfiction isn't normally my thing but someone recommended this to see and I am SO glad I read it! Amazing work!
3/20 c26 Moonflower995
Awww, it's sad that this story is dead. Please, come back with a new chapter.
12/1/2023 c16 3casieyfrans
8/8/2023 c24 Rat
Naw I would have taken his arm.
8/3/2023 c11 Crow
Love the story. I come back and read it every year. Always enjoy how Padme behave and how badass she is. Also enjoy to creativity of the story and her running around with a lightsaber lol
6/8/2023 c11 6FelineNinjaGrace
Lol, I love how I left you a review last chapter about how ridiculous Padme was being for risking her children’s safety. And then you address it in the very next chapter, lol! That tells me that a lot of other reviews said the exact same thing hahaha
6/8/2023 c10 FelineNinjaGrace
Gosh, I’m so glad she’s managed to escape 3 times! I love it! Other stories make her caught on the very first time and it’s so annoying lol
6/8/2023 c9 FelineNinjaGrace
I like your story. I like it for two reasons, 1. Padme isn’t a sap who just falls back in love with a murderer. She kicks butt and this chapter because because I’ve always

Some of the things I DONT like is that 1. Padme seems so foolhardy to take such big risks when she has two babies at home. If she was just endangering herself, and they were hidden far away with Master Yoda, I would understand and it would make sense since she’s damaged on the inside and is subconsciously looking for ways to destroy herself. But she’s risking her children’s lives as well, since they WILL be found out once she’s captured since Anakin seems to be able to mind read and emotion read a lot better in this story than in others I’ve read. She stubbornly wants them to be with her, but it feels like it’s a selfish action on her part since she isn’t a stay at home mom, and instead decides to be an assassin. Does she have a back up plan? Like, a cyanide pill that Anakin has to save her from? That would be more realistic since she literally said in the first or second chapter that she would rather die than allow the empire to take her children.

And 2, only Jedi and force-sensitive beings can use a lightsaber. The fact that Padme is swinging a lightsaber around after two years of training is absolutely hilarious, because it’s not realistic. If that were the case, there would be a lot more people using lightsabers besides Jedi and Sith. I thought it was funny that “Anakin was impressed” by her lightsaber skills since he’s one of the best lightsaber duelers out there and it wouldn’t be realistic for him to be impressed. Actually, no, I take that back….it IS realistic for him to be impressed….Impressed that she doesn’t accidentally cut off her arm or leg while fighting him
4/21/2023 c16 Trainion
poison lipstick
3/28/2023 c26 Natosi Pranja
Come back!
3/26/2023 c1 Natosi Pranja
Come back!
1/2/2023 c1 Cass
I love this story so much, I have reread it multiple times and I genuinely hope you will came back and add more to it.
7/12/2022 c26 selmarie
this is the end?
2/27/2022 c26 14Phanfan925
This AU is so much fun! I hope you're able to finish it someday :)
12/22/2021 c26 Feral21
This story is absolute perfection and I’ve enjoyed every second spent reading it. Love the way you write Padmé and Vader/Anakin, so very well done. Really like how you don’t rush things. Padmé isn’t rushed into forgiveness and Vader isn’t rushed into the light. The pace and tension in parts is soooo good.

This last chapter is something else. Anakin with the twins, it’s just so cute and the feels are damn feely lol.

Anyway I’d love to see get finished and hopefully one day it is. But as it stands this is one of the best Vader/Padme stories going.
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