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7/30/2017 c18 10chief of RAGE
Well, if you wish so my man. Good wishes and luck to you, and the legacy of this story is grand. Just look at me, you're the reason why I'm here.
7/30/2017 c18 1Battle99991
It's unfortunate that this story is discontinuing. After all, this was the story that introduced me to F . But, if you're fine with cancelling this story, then I'll fully support it. Let's just hope this has a good legacy.
7/25/2017 c5 76Perseus12
Wowsers! I love it!
7/18/2017 c17 Super heavy weapons guy
bring in the hat's!
6/5/2017 c17 an gouest
Erm is there merc fights?
6/5/2017 c17 2darkromdemon
Never really man you missed the most wtf moments in TF2 not counting ctf anyway good chapter really well done
3/31/2017 c16 darkromdemon
Nice chapter pretty well developed and funny hope to read more soon
2/9/2017 c15 darkromdemon
Nice chapter I dont like Arena I always get hit by stray crit rockets always nice to kniw the RWBY JNPR crews are doing well its amussing picturing them fighting gigant bread monsters hope to read more soon and watch Cinder bitch die
1/19/2017 c14 chief of RAGE
You do well.
The only problem I see with your story is the errors in grammer because English isn't a first language for you. It's really good reading this and I've been here since July when your first crossover came out.
1/11/2017 c14 Madlice in Pyrol
I'm not sure what to say except that it's great as always.I really like your story so please don't abandon it.*sorry for bad english.
1/11/2017 c14 darkromdemon
This is a pretty well developement although I think the comic was way more epic and funny also Damn Helen looked really well in her prime anyway great chpter hope to read more soon
12/25/2016 c13 Reviewer UN
I do not have a lot to say about your story other than I like it a lot. There are some moments that are awkward only because you might be trying something funny or what the character's say is kinda off, but eh. You're good.

However, I do want to talk about your problem concerning "writing yourself into a corner". I don't write myself, but surely there's more to it than that. I've followed you since "The Five New Men" came out, and you appeared to have no trouble back then as the chapters came out relatively quick, and they were all good too.
Maybe it's the lack of viewer feedback? Seems like you haven't had a review in months and I've been on this site long enough to know that viewer feedback is a lot of the reason that keeps authors in the game of writing.
However, viewer feedback is not really something you can control.
I have no explanation as to why the reviews suddenly stopped coming other than it might have to do with chief of RAGE, but he seems quite friendly with you. I think he's your BETA, and I believe he said his story was inspired by yours. I'm not saying that his story's appearance ended you, but it certainly must have thrown off some attention. Even if his story did, that does not explain all those favorites and followers you have for this story. Where are they?
That's something to think about on your own time, but it is very sad to see someone like you end up like this. Maybe making a new story will give you a breath of fresh air? A collab with someone even. Just something new to get your spirits up.
11/19/2016 c11 Up N Down
Didnt spot any grammar i do have one request,please make your statements a liitle bit clearer for idiotic people like this line "Weiss and Blake were last,beaten by the medic"like fistfight beaten or what?
Anywhom(Did not mean to say that but ill keep it like that),Keep on writing! Ill(almost)always support you!

-A Loyal Reader
11/19/2016 c10 Up n Down
Another good chapter by ATTF.A few puns,more advancement into the story and yeah! Thats it...TBH,i honestly have nothing else to say but ask you if The Queen died when Ruby went super saiyan mode_
Keep on writing man!

-A Loyal Reader
11/14/2016 c11 4Cadaver1041
The excessive killing of Scout was excessive in my opinion. Besides Ms. Pauling already had plans to kill Scout. I also feel as if you solved the whole Merasmus compromise too easily with Yang just threatening him, even though he has the bombinomicron. It almost feels as if it got tucked away too easily. Still a chapter well done ATTF, and would like to see what happens in the next one.
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