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for The Five Mercenaries

9/24/2016 c6 Up n Down
My brain pretty much died while reading about the differences between dust and gunpowder bullets.
Also,I'm pretty new to RWBY and what type of grimms were those?
9/22/2016 c5 mark chye shit
you suck go die
9/22/2016 c6 10chief of RAGE
That's actually an interesting idea you got here, bro. The possibility of dust being weaker than gunpowder. I suppose it makes sense since most of the bullet based weapons do dick to the Grimm's armor unless its something powerful like Crescent Rose or concentrated fire. I know the Grimm aren't natural creatures, but I think it's obvious that the white armor around them is bone, organic material. No matter how thick it is, bullets should have done significantly more damage to them in the show. But then again, the Grimm don't seem to have any internal organs, so they could be just tough as fuck.
Anyway, I really like your stories man, and I look forward for some more of this good shit you're cooking here.
9/13/2016 c5 Guest
Question:Is Gray Mann's daughter Olivia died with him?Or did she survive and seeks revenge on mercenaries?
9/11/2016 c5 2Mortarion The Death Lord
Original mercenaries* sorry typo you the guys that worked for Gray Mann in the comics
9/10/2016 c5 4Cadaver1041
Geez what's that fang person's beef with Engineer. The man's just doin his job. Why you hate him more than anyone else?
9/8/2016 c4 2Mortarion The Death Lord
Will Archimedes be in the story or is the bird still in scouts chest I must know also will the original mercy show up as well as SAXTON HAAAAAAAAAAAAAALE! So many questions.

P.S. In the actual game when scout explodes Archimedes can be seen flying out of him lol
8/27/2016 c4 TwindraFrost
Nah,its ok(the story i mean)completely expected that arrow in the knee reference(because you told me...)

Failed joke,i know im stupid
8/16/2016 c3 TwindraFrost
Eh,pretty ok im my opinion
need to explain what is happening more clearer
kinda rushed(But now i think you can make longer chapters considering exam is over,yes?)
did engi put out the flame in the first f**king place?
Anyways,all in all the story came out great even though this seemed less action packed than the one before this but eh,cant complain!
8/2/2016 c2 2darkromdemon
Mmhmp Mhmmp mmph mmmpmhphm WHY?! good chapter but why?!
8/1/2016 c2 applefalls122
Woot woot woot can't wait for next chapter
8/1/2016 c2 1buzzsaw935
you never disappoint
7/28/2016 c1 applefalls122
I cannot wait for this sequel, so freaking pumped!
7/27/2016 c1 Guest
7/27/2016 c1 2darkromdemon
Finally here, CAN'T WAIT , not exactly that epic but cool, so now five mercas are out of their job damn, Medic and Engi working together to bring alive Summer back...what could possibly go wrong with that? hope to read more soon
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