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9/27/2017 c1 34Karoline Tesla
That's cute... great idea the flashbackthe teddy bear
7/28/2016 c1 Guest
That was a cute story and You should definitely continue. Will love to see their parents reaction of them finding each other again.
7/27/2016 c1 Mildred Mayhem
Great little 'offshoot' story!
7/28/2016 c1 Moneteh
Hmm what can I say about to story... I freaking love it awesome I hope you give more to it and maybe a steamy romance scene.
7/27/2016 c1 rmpcmfan
What's meant to be will be. Enjoyed this story!
7/27/2016 c1 9AbsterStories
Aw little Emily and JJ are so cute, ive been wanting to write a fic of one of them as as kid and the other one taking care of them for a while now but just haven't got round to starting it.

Anyway back on topic, this is a nice opening chapter, very sweet and nice to see a good side to Emily's mom in most fics she is not very well written shall we say?

I like where this is going please keep it up!
7/27/2016 c1 11cloudedhearts
This gave me warm fuzzy feelings, I absolutely adored little JJ and little Emily. And the fact Emily kept the bear and that JJ gave something precious to her away says a lot about their relationshipLoved it, and I hope you turn it into a multi-chapterPretty please? Lol)
7/27/2016 c1 penny.robinette.90
I LOVED It. More please.

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