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for When Empires Collide

4/15 c6 2NarutoKurai
Sinceramente me encantó la historia y lamentablemente se ha pausado... Se nota el ingenio y dedicación... Bueno ojalá llegues a continuar la historia
1/21 c5 AnimeA55Kicker
I hope this fic updates one day
12/27/2020 c6 61Stormshadow13
9/30/2020 c6 AnimeA55Kicker
One of these years we will finally get to see Luke shit himself from over protective big brother.
8/4/2020 c6 Eliazar Chandra
Any possibility of another chapter coming in?
6/23/2020 c6 1Fireofargentis
this seem like a really interesting story, so count me on for the ride, only thing i miss-like is the Luke/nunna pairing, mainly because luke/mara is my OTP, BUT since this is a Code Geass fic and Nunnaly is a pricess i see no reason why she cabt have two consorts like her big brother.
6/2/2020 c3 HolyKnight5
Waiting for this one...
4/3/2020 c2 6Zane Tribal Tyne Alexandros
Oh shit... Yeah, that would do it. Thrawn is probably an excellent counter to Lelouch.
4/3/2020 c1 Zane Tribal Tyne Alexandros
OH I Needed THIS! So glad to have found it. Tobias Neers, you poor ignorant fool... what have you unleashed upon the galaxy?
3/17/2020 c6 dextermed16
Love this story! Where's the next chapter?
2/23/2020 c6 1Beowulf-BX
Wait...did you just toss Battlestar Galactic in this fic? Cause x-Wings and Vipers going up against Tie fights would be awesome. Thouh is it old or new Galactic?

And will Earth and the Rebellion team up?
1/7/2020 c6 5Orchamus
*Gives Nem an internet shoulder clasp* I feel your pain, till today I've had one day off a week for the past two months, yes pay is nice, I was making 1400 a week, BUT MY FAFIC READING TIMMEE! Here's to hoping the workload eases off you too.

Great chapter, gotta adore Keiko, kinda curious to see her and Kallen meet, they'd either become fast friends or try to kill each other.
1/7/2020 c6 1DarkRain4Eternity
pls update and continue this story it absolutely amazing
12/31/2019 c2 williamsdamas1
muy bueno
12/21/2019 c6 Xaax
If I'm going to be honest, this is a very fun fic. I am hoping for a chapter in the future, probably way future, where the Death Star 1 is stolen.
Also, going by the wikia, the Trade federations/Separatists droid ships. Aka, the flying donut, would be wonderfully useful. Imagine having them refit with current and new tech from Earth, then Redesign the droids to include the same tech. A Vulture droid with Varis cannons. A Hyena bomber with Hadron torpedoes. A Droid Tri-fighter using the Gurens 8 elements microwave beam.
Then consider the use of Battle Droids rebuilt as Knightmares. Remove the human needs down size it, and make it collapsible.

Sorry, I'm a droid guy.

Honestly, I'm waiting for Knightmares with Lightsabers. This must happen.

Can't wait for more!
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