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for False Dice

6/12/2017 c2 12mulberryjam
this is so well written.
9/1/2016 c2 4Ckorkows
Ah, I see. This chapter is more a collection of monologues than a true continuation of the first Act. I can't say I enjoyed it as much, seeing how each monologue was so short and merely expounded on details from the play itself. However I did enjoy the last one, which seems to fill in some of Benedick's emotional turmoil at having to turn against a friend to please his love. I've always loved the scene preceding this one (who doesn't?) and think your mini monologue there did a nice job of clarifying the position Benedick is placed in. In particular ((Tis heavy, but tis just)) is a great way to show that he knows Hero was wronged, even though he doesn't understand by what means just yet, and even though he doesn't like the position he's been put it, he must do what is right, and that is to challenge Claudio.
9/1/2016 c1 Ckorkows
I really enjoyed this little clarification on Benedick and Beatrice's merry war. I think I almost prefer your idea that it was an overreaching jest on Benedick's part that caused things to sour between them instead of the more common idea that he broke her heart. It just fits the characters, I think.
In particular, the end where Beatrice realizes that she may have overreacted ((Methinks he spoke unthinkingly...)) and her comparison of him to an overeager hound was delightful.
Thanks for this fun little story. On to Act 2.

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