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12/31/2020 c22 78erica.phoenix16
Thanks for updating. I'm glad to see Valerie and the rest of the gang again. :)
11/26/2020 c22 Guest
Wicked! Is there another chapter for this story?
11/21/2020 c22 4Olmo
Greetings. How you are doing?
Sorry I'm not fully focused on "The Stronger Evil" at the moment. I've been recently reading the "Heart" series again to find more examples for the TvTropes page. When I find time, I'm going to read both stories again so that I'll catch up and can make updates for the TvTropes page.
So Jade had to give up her pride. I have... mixed feelings about that. What will Jade turn into? Jade's ego is a fundamental part of her character. I wouldn't like her to be too humble.
Points for making Val throw Jackie's pawn insult back to him. After thinking about it, I've come to the conclusion that he himself is a pawn. He didn't ask to be involved in all these conflicts against the Forces of Darkness, and he doesn't know really anything about magic. He basically just does what his Uncle tells him to and acts under the simple-minded assumption that keeping all demons contained is the right thing to do.
I have a feeling he ends up losing all his trust in Valerie for ever. :(

Stay healthy and well, and please update "Heart of the Inferno" when you can. :)
11/18/2020 c22 Guest
Thank you for the update. Please update soon. I love this story. Please make a happy ending. Make shendu and valerie stay alive forever and together and with drago. Make also drago and nat fell in love with each other and have children please
11/18/2020 c22 11SyfyGuy2
Hahaha! :D :D An excellent new chapter which seriously gave me butterflies in my stomach throughout, not least because of my fear of what was coming with Valerie's strained relationships with the Chans if Shendu and Valerie succeeded in saving Jade from Hsi Wu! :D

In that opening scene, I was worrying it was going to turn out Captain Black and Section 13 suspect Valerie kidnapped Jade for Shendu and they'd tell Jackie and he'd fly into a rage while running to get to Val's apartment. I really was growing confident and then certain from there throughout the chapter that it would see Jackie bust into Val's apartment, see her and Shendu looming over Jade, jump to the wrong conclusion about their intentions and explode, which would in turn lead to the falling-out with Valerie. I was actually quite disturbed by Jackie's fury when he was knocking down Valerie's door, and that his inner-demons about her have actually gone so far already. I've gotta say, seeing Valerie snipe back at him over his earlier dick statement to her was satisfying, yet delightfully morose as it shows the cracks forming in their relationship on her side as well as his. Speaking on Jackie's character arc in 'The Stronger Evil' overall; for me it's oddly satisfying how you're bringing out some fatal flaws in him and making him act jerkass and his friendships are suffering for it, because in honesty, in the cartoon he always was the member of the Chan Clan whom I liked the least.

I've gotta admit, it dismays me again that Valerie is just too reliant on lying. I agreed with Jackie's thoughts about her being a compulsive liar - she lies at times when it would be better to just tell the truth and in doing so digs a deeper hole, and I feel like her lying about how Jade was saved is one of those hole-digging times. Especially since she could've used the truth of Shendu helping to try and convince her human family in the long-term that the demon she's in love with isn't 100% evil. Then again, if Valerie had told Jackie the truth, he probably would've jumped on the assumption that Shendu brainwashed Jade due to Jade's change in character and remained pig-headed about it.

I rather liked Shendu and Valerie's tender interactions, which put a bookmark on just how far their relationship has come and how at-ease with their feelings for each-other they've grown. Also, I knew what Shendu was holding out for Valerie would be her wedding ring from the gala before he showed it, :D :D and frankly I'm delighted to see Valerie has that back on her finger and to see her vow to never take it off again. :) :)

I rather liked the image of Shendu arriving in Valerie's bathtub fetal position in a burst of flames like that, I actually found it rather supernatural-horror. :) I also delighted in your description of the gruesome state Jade's body was falling into from Hsi Wu taking her over. :) It only occurs to me now after reading, Jade's skin and eyes were specifically taking on Hsi Wu's colours because of their merger! :D :D The description of Jade's tumorous mindscape from Hsi Wu, and of the whip-like pain she experienced in her mental centre's chamber, were also delightfully dark and mature - I do love it when your fanfictions based on G/PG-rated franchises do that! :) :)

Shendu's explanation that Hsi Wu was able to get to Jade because of all her previous uses of magic gave me real Project Dark Jade/'Queen of All Oni' type vibes. :) :) Honestly, that and Hsi Wu's taunts to Jade about them becoming merged made me somewhat lament that we couldn't actually see that happen in full, at least not in this story, though I understand why we couldn't see it since at this point it'd probably be a bit too much for the story overall. (In self-reflection, my lament is probably partly an aftertaste of me finding some delightful King-Ghidorah-possesses-Madison-Russell 'Godzilla' fanart so soon before reading this chapter.) My thoughts when Shendu revealed that Hsi Wu was trying to deliberately merge himself and Jade into a single being, like what nearly happened when Shendu possessed Valerie and which Shendu wanted to avoid: Hsi Wu has gone crazy to be trying to do that! "He's crazy" only increased in my mind when Hsi Wu was taunting Jade about them becoming a new single entity while trying to stop her in the mindscape, and when he said he was gambling killing them both with the merger. :) :)

I rather liked Shendu's interactions with Jade in the mindscape, and how cold they were. :) Shendu telling Jade what to do and also confirming to her that he's real and that Valerie brought him to help Jade actually made a sense of relief flood through me, making me think perhaps this is something that didn't happen in future-Jade's timeline and that Jade would, upon waking, stop Jackie from attacking Valerie by telling him that Val had Shendu save her. I'm wondering now after Jade has woken up if she remembers Shendu in the mindscape, and if so if she's keeping Valerie's secret because of the new humility she's gained and knowing Jackie wouldn't react well if he found out; or if Jade doesn't remember Shendu's involvement, in which case I'm wondering if Jade losing her pride could actually factor into how the alternate-future Jade came to hate Valerie totally (probably not, since thinking back on it, I get the impression future-Jade has some of the present Jade's pride in her to indicate she never went through this Hsi Wu fiasco in future-Jade's native timeline, unless of course some of Jade's pride grows back over the years after she cut it out).

Honestly, I was ecstatic and anxious to see what would happen after Shendu told Jade that she needed to cut out part of her own mind to get rid of Hsi Wu. I flat-out expected Jade was going to end up reluctantly cutting out her memories of Valerie or her affection for her, and that feeling (and the stomach-moths that came with it) only amplified when we entered Jade's mind-centre and there were the monochrome statues of her loved ones. :) :) Still, I'm wondering now if that detail about the loved-one-statues inside one's mindscape is going to have relevance later in the story, during a return-trip to Jade's mind or during a trip into another character's mindscape. I'm stunned and delighted by this new twist with Jade having cut out her psyche's pride with Hsi Wu. It gives me more 'Queen of All Oni' vibes, and I feel like this is a major nothing-will-ever-be-the-same-again turning point for Jade's character where there's no going back to how she was before, and I look forward to seeing more of what the new Jade is like with this change in her! :) :) I was actually wondering while reading if Jade losing her pride will, in a bittersweet twist, not only make her less reckless and overconfident but also cause her to become more cold and mature like what Valerie saw in the possible-future vision at the Temple of Ages in 'The Ultimate Evil'.

I'm wondering after what happened in Jade's mindscape if Hsi Wu is back in the Netherworld with his merger broken, or if Jade cutting him out actually killed him due to what he said about how he was risking killing them both with the merger. I'll be honest, for me this currently feels like a somewhat anticlimactic end to the Hsi Wu arc, with Jade cutting him out of her mind with minimal fighting after all the build-up. And because of what the demon-sorcerers said in the last chapter about getting free from the Netherworld if Tiamat rises, I'm hoping Hsi Wu will return alongside his mother for the grand showdown. In the same respect, another constructive criticism I have is, I was genuinely dismayed when Shendu left Jade's mindscape that he and Hsi Wu didn't get a Cain-and-Abel/Loki-and-Thor, brother-on-brother showdown.

Ooh-hoo-hoo, that cliffhanger ending with Jackie's little inner-demons worsening was delightful, and I really look forward to seeing what happens next. I chuckle at re-reading Jackie spotting Valerie's wedding ring, and I wonder what the hell will happen next! :D :D I at first thought when it looked like my prediction about Jackie catching Valerie and Shendu would be averted by Jade being saved that this chapter would seem somewhat anticlimactic, until Valerie lied to Jackie about how she saved Jade and his suspicions grew. Ooh, it looks like a dramatic clash between Valerie and Jackie over Valerie's secrets and her feelings toward Shendu and Drago is still to come, and this was just a red herring! :) After this chapter, I wonder just how big, intense and dramatic it'll be when things with Jackie finally come to a head! :D :D

On other speculation about what happens next, I'm wondering if Shendu's statement that not just an Other-binding but possession broadly is irreversible if the vessel actually consents to it, will come into play later on in the story. I'm also wondering what's happening meanwhile with Nat and Drago while they're out at the bar, and what'll happen when they get back. I've actually been wondering if, on the way back to Section 13, Jackie and Jade will end up bumping into Nat and Drago hanging out like a young couple, and Jackie finding out about how Nat's been warming up to Drago during the truce with him will only make Jackie alienate her as well and become even more stubborn in his black-and-white attitude.

Overall, a very tense and anxiety-inducing new chapter, not least due to the rift between Val and Jackie and also due to Jade and Hsi Wu, with a conclusion that makes me really eager to see where things will go next with Jade's change in character and Jackie's suspicions welling. :) :) I look forward to next time! :)
11/17/2020 c22 Little Trouble
OMG! I squealed when I saw you updated! Thank you so much! I can't wait to read this! You are amazing and so is your story!
11/17/2020 c22 Guest
I am glad to see that this whole adventure with Jade being possessed is finally over. Vallarie and Jades relationship has become a little bit stronger as a whole from this whole experience. It was a little bit scary to see that Jade was literally about an hour’s away from complete annihilation. Would Uncle and Jackie be able to do something compared to what Shendu had done. Probably without Jade giving away one of her main character traits, her pride, maybe. But I believe that and am a little bit saddened by in this instance Jackie cannot completely trust Valarie anymore. Is this the event that future Jade was warning about not trusting Valarie anymore, probably not but I feel as it it is coming soon.
11/17/2020 c22 mbh040
Again a great chapter. the exorcism was very interesting to read.
Jackie seeing the ring is going to bring so much trouble and soon I imagine.
Eagerly waiting for more!
11/17/2020 c22 Starlord Master
I'm sure things are good... for now.
11/17/2020 c22 3RonaldM40196867
Hsi Wu you sneaky bastard.

Sky Chi is dangerous.

Jade is too reckless for her own good.

Happy Veterans Day!
11/17/2020 c22 3Shadowhero93
Glad to see your back! :D

Also, it’s good to see that Jade is away and safe from that gremlin, and as was said in another comment, Shendu did keep his word, which of course we know he certainly isn’t known for doing.

As for the Val’s ring, i can’t wait to see where that goes, especially since she did promise him that she would never take it off, plus that feeling she felt when she slipped it on has to mean something, but all in all this is an awesome chapter!
11/17/2020 c22 starrat
I loved it looking forward to the next chapter
11/17/2020 c22 Lady Ravanna
Hey! It’s been a bit since you updated, so I was very excited to read the new chapter! Hope you are doing well, especially with how crazy the world is right now. Keep calm and write on!
11/17/2020 c22 partygirl98
AHHHH! You're back! Oh how I missed this story! I actually went back and reread it earlier. Glad you're back and ready when you are for the next chapter!
11/17/2020 c22 16The Bonecrusher Hyena
Well, this chapter was certainly somethin'! To tell you the truth, I'd always been kind of amazed that Jade rarely suffered any side-effects from fucking around with dark magic so often, so I'm glad this was adressed. The whole exsperience was both horrefying (cuz Jade is baby) and also enjoyeble to read, especially when that lil' wannabe-Lexington got what he deserved :P

And now Valerie is wearing the band...Can't see that going wrong in the slightest, but Shendu DID keep his word. As for the voice in Jackie's head...Curious to see where that will go.

All in all, a good chapter! Keep up the good work :)
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