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11/18/2017 c14 12ghostwritten2
I hope you are still writing this story! It's wonderful and I want to know what happens next. Hoping for an update...
6/1/2017 c14 phantom-of-alto
You truly have the talent of writing! I've stumbled upon The Dark Grail and it ended up with me reading two more of your fics. You are amazing! Please-please-pleaase continue! I cannot wait to read more!
3/31/2017 c14 MermaidBodz
Yay! An update! I think I speak for everyone when I say it was worth the wait, but please don't make us wait that long again! I love this story!
1/17/2017 c13 VampireSnackk
*-* I love this story, please do continue! :D
12/28/2016 c13 MermaidBodz
I am loving this story so far! You capture the characters so well, yet your spin is very original. Can't wait to keep reading! Looking forward to your next update :)
12/5/2016 c11 1Kirana LockHeart
I would love to see you keep going with this story! I really do enjoy it and 1 am anxious to see the next update!
10/8/2016 c10 3operasrose
So much angst on all sides! I love it. My heart is torn for each of them and especially cries for Alfred. And Herbert! Herbert and Alfred moments! I live for their imbalanced friendship. As always, excellent job
9/29/2016 c9 Merina
This is so interesting, and it's so lovely to get more Alfred :D can't wait for an update as always.
9/29/2016 c9 the-laughingstock
Eeeee! So cool! I love how you've written all the characters! And you're right, their relationships is a weird one. I'm always excited when a new chapter is uploaded~
Keep up the fantastic work!
Thank you!
9/28/2016 c9 operasrose
First, I want to say that your interpretation is intriguing and I'm very excited to see where you go with this now that we're out of musical. Second I cannot express how much I loved that paragraph of Alfred and Herbert! I love how you write the both of them, very much in character. Please include more Alfred and Herbert in future chapters!
9/26/2016 c8 Nineveh-uk
Some understandable second thoughts for Sarah. That bear might have been a rare mis-step by von Krolock. Indicating his thoughtfulness, yes, but also a reminder of her home that might not work the way he'd intended.

(The current Berlin cast are so good, they should definitely have fics based on their images :-) Though I have to admit I took a different idea from the Krolock/Sarah near kiss in Totale Finsternis, seeing it as part of his deliberately manipulating her. But then I tend to take a very cynical approach to that song anyway, much as I like it.)
9/21/2016 c8 the-laughingstock
This chapter!
What's gonna happen? Disaster? Fun? Happy? This is well written and you should be very proud of this story! I'm anxiously waiting for the net chapter!
Thank you!
9/21/2016 c8 operasrose
Excellent chapter! I really like the addition with Magda, I can't wait to see what she does next. Hmm it's interesting what you put in about Sarah, that she just rushes into the situation without considering the consequences of it all. It really emphasizes your characterization, that Sarah is a girl who lives in her dreams and rushes toward the chance to realize them without analyzing the situation before hand
9/20/2016 c7 Unforgiven Outer
Awesome as always! The ball awaits!
9/15/2016 c7 the-laughingstock
This is fantastic! I'm sorry I haven't gotten around to reading and reviewing. School is busy.
But I'm loving this story!
Eeeee! I love these two so much!
I can't wait for more!

Thank you!
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