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for The Warmth You Find in Winter

10/4/2019 c4 16MickeyMack
Those last few lines were beautiful. everything prior had me legit laughing out loud. Takao is one of my favs and his interactions with Shin-chan are priceless. and Kurokos calm politeness always gets me. Good job. I loved this and I am surprised it does not have more reviews and favs. You deserve them.
10/4/2019 c3 MickeyMack
Himuro is surprisingly dominant lol, not a bad thing. He keeps thinking back to Kagami and it's making me wonder if he had a relationship deeper than just brotherhood with the redhead.
10/4/2019 c2 MickeyMack
murasakibara is too pure for this world. He's so damn cute in this.
10/4/2019 c1 MickeyMack
I'm hooked already. Your characterization is spot on. Mukkun is so fricking adorable. While watching the show I went from strong dislike to indifference when it comes to Himuro, but I like the way you are portraying him. I always wondered about how he got close to Mukkun and you made it very believable as well as Mukkuns outlook on life. Big purple giant just needs some love

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