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for Blue and Lavender Eyes

3/30 c1 Vangail
I’m done with the last chapter and I know it's been years since you updated but I'll forever be hoping you'll update this magnificent work of yours and above all I hope you're doing just great. Although still unfisined thank you so much for sharing this with us xoxo
3/29 c6 Vangail
It was great how Naruto reacted was everything I wanted and more! I mean if I'm being honest it was pretty much justifiable imo but I don't hold it against Kakashi and Kurenai and Hinata too they're just doing their job but AGAIN Naruto has all the right to act that way. Naruto’s jealous and the conflict is really enticing. Satisfied with how Naruto and Hinata handled the whole situation. And more love making I'll forever dote on them doing thosehehe By the end of the chapter everything turns creepy I mean imagine doing all those stuff while someone’s watching you lol I think the woman in cloak has byakugan hmmm
3/28 c4 Vangail
It was painfully good Hinata really made it cleverly believable I gotta give her that. Still Icks me how Naruto has to suffer for the sake of mission succession but also they're shinobi blah-blah-blah. I know it was an act but gotta voice out my biggest disagreement it wasn't true Naruto ignored Hinata and made her feel insignificant in fact Naruto believed in her like no other and wanted to low key impress her Kishimoto lowkey left this signs idk if anyone noticed it but me. Naruto and Sakura’s friendship was beautiful too Sakura is one of Naruto and Hinata’s greatest supporters especially in the last (if we ignore her fake love confession to Naruto knowing Hinata genuinely loves him in shippuden) alongside Neji, and Kiba.
3/28 c3 Vangail
They're shinobi and they're supposed to endure but damn that's really shitty how Hinata needs to sacrifice her relationship. Let's just hope Naruto would be understanding but i’ll definitely understand too if he won't allow it
3/28 c2 Vangail
I always love fics where Neji is alive. It's nice reading about Neji and Hinata as cousin/siblings they deserves better and more time together the Hyuga clan ruined them as kids in canon. In Hinata’s perfect world Neji was there. T_T
3/27 c1 Vangail
Where was this masterpiece in my years of being a naruhina fan T.T<3 I’ve been in plenty of sites with my hunger, hunting for NaruHina fics how could I missed this but nvm now I'm so happy I came across this, first chapter and I’ll already put it in my Greatest NH Fics List <333
11/11/2022 c8 kawaiihina
rereading this and patiently waiting for the update!
7/9/2022 c8 7Sessakag
I loved all of this, and best of all, dominant Naruto and submissive Hinata is my favorite aspect of any fic. So many people make it seem like submission in a woman is a bad thing, but being one myself, I find it so heartening that you've kept that dynamic throughout. I love their characterizations, its true to them, the love between them is palatable and real, the sex is awesome and the plot is intriguing. Thank you for sharing this fic, I cannot wait for more and hope you are doing well.
1/20/2022 c1 Rafaella13
This story is awesome! I like how lewd naruto is, it’s so fun seeing hinata so embarrassed haha
5/13/2021 c8 Guest
Bruh. This is so good. It just seems so right. It definitely beats the canon for me. I look forward on your next update. Whenever that is. Haha
2/22/2021 c1 OoUnn
This is one of the first fics I've read in a long time that I actually loved. All of the characters are likeable and the dialogue feels so spot on- it's pretty much canon. This is all canon to me now, haha. While it's been a bit, I hope you return to writing.
1/23/2021 c4 Guest
love your story!
1/12/2021 c6 Guest
Your lemons are god-tier. Also that women watching them...I can sense the dramaaaaa
1/12/2021 c4 Guest
If I thought my heart was breaking last chapter, I’m bawling my eyes out in this one! The way you wrote their conflict was just so real and I felt like I was the one being broken up with holyyyy. Rather get stabbed with a kunai than hear that, think it’d be less painful. But still despite my heartache, I loved it. Takes a lot of skill to make people cry with just words. Also Sakura is such a good friend in this chapter! I love her making fun of Kenji it’s so her in a good way and hilarious. But also rooting for both her friends at the end, well that got even me fired up!
1/12/2021 c8 Guest
I hope you are doing well! (God I sound like I’m writing a letter to my prof or something...) anyways, I really hope you continue writing this story because you’ve got a gem here. It’s been almost a year but still holding out hope! You’ve got many loyal fans that would love to see how it unfolds.
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