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10/10/2020 c1 Sir Jerington
Doom slayer doesn't talk like an edgelord and his armour is nearly indestructible the visor would not even be scratched by that hit much less shatter.
8/15/2020 c7 10Darth Saevus
The first half of the chapter was good. But you went too far on focusing only on Doom Slayer. And making him Kratos 2.0 with demons "fearing" him took away that feeling of danger and damnation these demons(should' represent. It's like saying that The Markers fear Isaac Clarke because they battled a lot of time.

Also, Kara's characterization seems so one-dimensional(kind of like Palpatine); which ruins the serious and stoic atmosphere of the previous chapters of your story. I would have had Betruger taking over Kara's position as the Anti-Doom Slayer motivated by the desire to destroy the Hell and Necromorphs by being a double agent, but that would mean he has to slaughter all the survivors to gain the overlords' blessing.
8/15/2020 c5 Darth Saevus
Great chapter. Although Imps speaking and Isaac picking up credits and ammo from Necromorphs ruins the atmosphere of the story. Ammo from enemies is simply part of game mechanics for game progression.
8/15/2020 c4 Darth Saevus
Excellent! I love how Marker Killer and Demon Slayer do not cross paths yet making it all more enjoyable! Also, I love how the Praetor suit os merely treated as an armor instead of Doomguy's brand and he gets to wear a RIG suit. :D
8/15/2020 c3 Darth Saevus
I love the fact that Dr. Betruger here received better character development. Also the crossover is solid. Seems like they share the same universe. And mostly, I love the fact that you made Doomguy a sadist. Many just make him an angry sociopath who swears. But he is actually more sadistic and psychopathic.
8/15/2020 c2 Darth Saevus
I always thought that the best voice for him would be the one from the audio DOOM comic book or the narrator of Singularity's endings.
8/15/2020 c1 Darth Saevus
Best depiction of Doomguy. I imagined he has the voice from that audio comic book.
8/11/2020 c7 Dr.Wakeem22
Damn Micah mvp
8/8/2020 c7 7JohnJoestar17
This chapter kicked so much ass. I loved it. RIP, officer Micah. You were one hell of a cop. As for Kara...

I know the fic was written before Doom Eternal where we found out what Marauders were, but I think she's some kind of super Marauder and/or possibly a prototype Marauder that's a lot more powerful than the others.
8/7/2020 c7 2Evinco
The main character of dead space is a man beginning in his journey of being beyond human understanding and nightmarish creatures. Moon sized horrors for reference.
However, the veteran in things beyond human understanding and a legend has lived eons with gods and horrors beyond human understanding. The hell items are reference to the horrors of hell.
Issac should be witness to the horrors of hell and see more of the Slayer than everyone else because of his experience with the Marker. And the doom slayer should see elements of himself as he sees Issac. A man over his head trying his best with things humans have no business of being revealed to.
8/7/2020 c7 3GodzillaMaster
Love how this story is going so far, can't wait to see what's coming next
Curious on when Isaac and Slayer finally meet
8/7/2020 c7 SuperSaiyajin4Vegeta
Who is Kara supposed to be?
8/7/2020 c7 2MythAnime
What was with that way you wrote rip and tear if it's supposed to be sentinal it's supposed to be Kar en tuk
8/7/2020 c7 43Wacko12
so does the slayer kara?
7/10/2020 c1 3frost.fox10141
Love this
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