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1/14/2019 c6 WowohWow0
Can’t wait for more
11/14/2018 c6 Guest
Please don't die.
10/22/2018 c6 dino2000
life come first
10/6/2018 c2 Guest
WHAT you know Slayer doesn't get hurt after getting hit by 24 trillion volts for 5 seconds 3 TIMES RIGHTTT!
9/2/2018 c6 7JohnJoestar17
I can't wait until the Doom Slayer gets all his gear back and tear into Hell, the Necromorphs, and ESPECIALLY the Unitologists. I can't wait until he goes all John Matrix on the Unitologist HQ.
7/18/2018 c6 1tomahawkESP
GOOD LUCK MAN! Make the enemy tremble in fear!
7/11/2018 c6 Anonymous
Good Luck!
4/23/2018 c5 Christopherprime22
There are so many words I could use to describe this story, but we all now it’s going to eventually lead to “BADASS”.
Also I think you really got the Doomslayer’s personality 100% down, he’s clearly been callused in many different ways from his battles and experiences. But one of the things that I find most badass about Doomguy is his own humanity, despite everything he’s seen and been through, his humanity stays strong and defiant, always separating him from the demons he separates!
This is an awesome read, and I’ll be waiting for the next chapter!
(Also forgot to mention, that fight where he went Breserk was my favorite part so far! Nothing says “Doomguy” like ripping and tearing with his bear hands.)
4/21/2018 c5 tomahawkESP
Great job on the story so far! And maybe when Isaac is confronted by the Unitologist, instead of that helicopter saving him by shooting up the windows, how about doom slayer crashing through the ceiling whilst beating the absolute SHIT outta the Elder Knight?
4/16/2018 c5 Guest
I thought the imps were kinda funny in a creepy sort of way
4/17/2018 c2 Zaraki Kempachi
Huh !? Doom Slayer never surrender !
4/9/2018 c5 Charles
Funny that use that whole thing, beat a motherfucker with another motherfucker, and for Isaac side of the story, you are making the demons very terrifying, While the doom slayer Making the necromorph More like Weaklings, nice
4/8/2018 c5 16Crow T R0bot
Seeing this update was quite the pleasant surprise, especially after how long it's been since the last update. And as always, your musical choices and timing are spot on.

Despite the (I should assume/hope temporary, in light of the prologue) absence of the Praetor Suit, the Doomguy has NOT lost his touch. Those Necromorphs don't know who they're messing with and are already paying dearly. I hope he can save a few civilians before he goes on his merry way. It would be a shame to let that badass boast from the end of the last chapter go to waste.

I never played Doom's multiplayer, so I was blindsided and confused by the Prowler's presence, and thus didn't get what exactly Isaac was looking at towards the end. Your author's notes cleared that up right quick though. Still, Isaac put up a good fight against it for all his inexperience.

Giving the imps some personality was a nice touch too. I was a little wary about you giving them obvious sentience, but figured they would have to have some considering that demons would be smart enough to write and narrate the Slayer Testaments. Really makes me wonder what Kim is up to. Anyone who can single-handedly put down the Doom Slayer for a few centuries and command the cooperation of demons has got to be Up To Something.

Still, stay safe overseas, wherever you're going. Hope you get a chance to write some of these chapters during your downtime on deployment so we can all get a nice slew of updates when you get home. But in the meantime, keep your head down Over There.

Also, are the Elder Knights made up for this fanfic, or do they exist in one of the many, MANY Classic Doom mods out there? I'm reminded of the vaguely lion-like Barons of Hell from Project Brutality that have grenade launchers in one hand and riot shields in the other.
4/8/2018 c5 coduss
lol, i can just imagine that one imp as they were all arguing, just sitting there gnawing on a necromorph leg going "*shrug* I've had worse". though, for some reason, i cant help but imagine him saying it in a cockney accent...
4/8/2018 c5 2HyperionATLAS
i fucking love this story and this continuation of it wakes me so happy this chapter was friggin badass keep it up and good luck on the halo story.
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