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7/31/2016 c1 4StarBorn Michael
Oh my god you did not just take the story idea you and i Taik about to, heart? Did you well if your interest I like to offer one more Story for you. In one or two ways eather A, a Mass effect/Star war crossover with said Star war timeline said in the Imperial civil war era to before mass effect 1 by 20 years if your interest. Or B, a Halo/mass effect /Star war one with only your immigration to start the story your way but Star wars era is in Before Dark Empire era and half throw The Thrawn trilogy. Well what do you think of this are you going to try them out and see if you can make a great story form all this?.
7/31/2016 c1 orionastro
very good trailer for the future Story , but where do these creatures come from ? nothing can live in the emptiness of Space, due to the extreme negative temperatures. Can't hardly wait for the story
7/31/2016 c1 6MEleeSmasher
This is AWESOME! FINALLY! This is long overdue in my opinion. Plus, why would the Brethren Moons fear an engineer when they should fear someone legitimate. Like say Doom Guy.

Also, what about Dead Space Ignition parts? I know there were two games centered on the Sprawl, with DLC so will you include those later on?
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