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6/7 c25 crazymagic
Rit should be grateful that the parade is with her body and not without polyjuice ... (shudder)
Very good everything.
6/7 c25 9asiya halima kone
please update soon this is a great story and i would love to read more of it :)
6/6 c25 1buterflypuss
good chap
6/6 c25 mithrilandtj
The great Professor color-blind posing as Rita Skeeter.
6/6 c25 Amarillie
is lockhart polyjuicing as rita?
6/6 c25 kirsty21
5/29 c22 Manx1217
I'm enjoying the story, but that last bit at the end raised a lot of questions. Howdid they find out Dumbledore murdered 30 girls? Why did he do it? Did they all die at Hogwarts? If so, why wasn't their an investigation?
5/22 c19 1Mistyhallows of MoonTribe
I’m rereading this for the first time in a while and it’s great
Competent Fudge is such a take and you do it fantastically
5/16 c7 Xiard Vron
Very fun story. I stayed up way too late reading. I’m going to stop at the end of this chapter before I end up reading until work tomorrow. Thank you for sharing with us. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this story so far.
5/13 c24 Guest
Thank you for the update. Had to read the entire story again. It is still amazing and entertaining. Great job. Hoping for more updates soon.

Good luck. Stay well and safe.
5/15 c24 1DustyQOTF
ohhh can't wait to see what is happening with Fawkes. waiting for next update
5/14 c24 kirsty21
cool update soon please and thank you
5/13 c24 1buterflypuss
Good chap
5/7 c23 Tutash
Thanks for the update! I love this story!
5/6 c23 2spinnerofdark
: )
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