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11/11 c10 3intata
So I'm looking at the update date, and the publish date, as well as the number of chapters. My hope is low for a new chapter soon, but I want it.

I want it bad.

Also want more magic from Harry. Just a reducto here and there isn't scratching that itch. Would alohamora work on digitally locked doors? Reparo on broken machinery, mechs, and weapons? It would make sense if he could use the Purple Glowy Bricks as a booster, or focus - instead of a wand. Does he know how to apparate?

I absolutely love all the character's portrayals, and their interactions. This is phenomenal.
11/5 c10 zoa189
great story as for an omake idea do a cavegirl angel with a modifed version of the old fred flintstone joke "you may not be fred flintsone but i bet you could make my bedrock"
11/1 c10 Guest
I was wondering if you could do an Omake with Harry using his magic for some reason. Causing some shenanigans. Something like that. I'll let you decide what exactly those shenanigans are. Actually a funny one would be him teleporting to his sister's room for a prank and finding her with that other son of Moxxi. Then he could go all protective brother mode. Like I said. Up to you in the end. Your story. Just have fun with it.
10/27 c10 Abbadon44
Will Harry bash Lilith a bit? Lilith has been shown to be both rash in her decisions and hardheaded. I can see Angel having some resentment to her for essentially making Jack worse in the Pre Sequel and Harry siding with his Cyber Siren Waifu. Especially if Angel tells Harry about who she is before everyone else learns the truth.
10/25 c10 Bob
Please post more Harry Potter: King of the Amazons
10/25 c1 Guest
Please post more of the Harry Potter King of the Amazons
10/24 c10 mt2100302
Love it and can't wait for more
10/22 c10 bloodyvalentinejoke
Have harry and gaige adopt tina as a little sister.
Think about the possibilities with their skills.
Also, daddy krieg?
10/22 c2 bloodyvalentinejoke
Tannis tries to rebuild her relationship with her echo-recorder.
10/21 c10 Blunacy14
Another great chapter, it will be good to see what Lilith thinks of everyone! Please keep the chapters coming
10/21 c10 1FanFicKing3245
I’m gonna be honest, I love this story. It never fails to make me smile no matter how rough my day has been, so thank you for that.
10/21 c10 Dylan-A-Friend
10/21 c10 6Yaw6113
I have an omake for you what about Harry being a crossdresser sissy, and being forced by the girls to have a dick in his mouth and ass. Please write the next chapter already. Thank you very much. I really appreciated it and liked it a lot.
10/21 c10 3WhiteElfElder
When those two finally get together it is going to be a XXX rating. Lilith is dead in this, since when?
10/21 c10 Lerm
Loving these updates! Keep it up
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