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11/18 c12 tristanwaltz1
Please more
10/27 c12 Guest
TBH I like that theres a plot but I'm here for the hilarious Harry/Angel relationship.
Srsly Harry needs to send her a pinup with his sword, if you know what I mean. -wink-
Also whats Harry's Action skill? Did I miss the explanation or is he a berzerker like Kreig just less psycho?
10/24 c12 Stratre
my boy Kreig livin that life man
So is harry in that omake

Great chapter thanks for the update !
10/21 c12 5FPSLiverpool
Loving the story. Only thing I dislike is killing Luna in the first chapter, but then again, that might be because I would loved to have seen her and tiny Tina meeting
10/20 c12 5Selacha
Aw, poor Harry and Angel... only get their fun time during an Omake.
10/20 c12 Jostanos
I wonder if the omake was even close to what Angel has in mind for her eventual escape?
10/20 c12 pjtoolz14
Thanks for the great chapter.
10/20 c12 3RyanMK666
Aye so you are updating this some what consistently now? Awesome! Looking forward to the rest then!
10/20 c12 3WhiteElfElder
I wonder how permanent this last things for Angel is?
10/20 c12 Fabio
This story is just lovely I swear
10/20 c12 Kushnadar
Love your story )
no complaints on my part here. while i would love for you to update more often, i know its not easy to simply type out new chapters once a week (would be awesome though). as for harry rarely using magic...well for one, he didnt really need to, there wasnt anything crazy till now. besides, keeping a low profile while being hunted by jack is probably not a bad idea. maybe he could use some suptle stuff like reinforcing things (like kriegs axe, etc) but nothing over the top at the moment.
btw, i love how you bring all those different people together.
question: do you intend to include the of borderlands 2? (cause i already have to chuckle thinking about harrys reaction to the wobble gobbler)
10/20 c12 comodo50
Man this is a really great fic, or fun to read.

Hope to see more on this
10/19 c12 frankieu
nice chapter thx for writing it
will be fun to see harry dismantle all those loaders jack would send afer him with just his sword have jack think the sword is special and not harry
10/19 c1 comodo50
Okay, I had to actually log to my FF account just to post this.

This was entirely too fun, as first chapter, and entirely with Borderlands brand of humor and "rip off name" (Doba Fett?, etc).

Looking forward to see more on this crazy fic. Also, asking for now. Does HP has magic? Or was twisted? Guess Ill see soon
10/19 c12 DarkRavie
I really like your story. It's an excellent read and I look forward to reading what happens in your next chapter.
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