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for My Littlest Pokepets Story by Harriet 546

1/24/2017 c20 Reader
This is an interesting story, but it's hard to read. I suggest that you start new paragraphs more often; there should be a new paragraph every time a different character talks. I'm not trying to flame you; I'm just trying to help you. Other that that, this is a pretty good Fanfic! Please continue.
11/4/2016 c1 Guest
Hi! I'm the original creator of Littlest PokePets: Lifelong Journey. I'm so glad there are fans of this story who are willing to continue this story after my discontinuation of it! However, I ask that you give me credit for the original idea. I see you put down this story is a continuation of the original, but that doesn't mean people will know who wrote it. Please make sure to give credit where it's due.

Regardless of that, I'm so happy you're continuing this story for me in my absense! I'm sure it'll be amazing! :D

~ Yoshachu / Devi-Yosh
8/9/2016 c7 Maria G Kalif
Kalif, Auntie is Sooooo Proud of you. Wish i could purchase a hard copy. Great job at keeping the readers attention. Aunt Mesha

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