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for DXD Sharingan Dragon Slayer

10/27/2022 c12 rageouss
the OC is 10k yrs old brother, if he didn't get strong in that time why the hell would he get stronger in a few days now? cmon
6/13/2022 c1 MoinLeute
i dont seee where Itachi is supposed to be OP, nervermind going godlike... the only thing that happened around chp 10 is that all antagonists just got a nice nerf compared to before making Itachi stronger, also Itachi dont acts like Naruto Itachi more like an OC...
6/13/2022 c17 MoinLeute
Kuroko dont uses chi but senjutsu.
6/13/2022 c15 MoinLeute
the nerf in this chp isnt even funny... and if Michael is the 3rd strongest he would be somewhere in the heavenly dragon class... a person like that dont needs much help. Even with a rewrite this story is only ok at best.
6/13/2022 c4 MoinLeute
Yes, just give the OCevery op ability there is... just waiting for the rinnegan and how is itachi supposed to defeat him?
6/13/2022 c2 MoinLeute
Yagura is no OC... and first, has no sharingan, second is from Kiri so he is no Uchicha and third was the container or Isobu.
4/30/2022 c11 corjca1
if rias tried that shite with me i would butcher whole family before killing her last lol
4/30/2022 c6 corjca1
yagura your mother is a no good comon whore who was slapped for having you has for your father all the dogs on the street can claim that right lol
12/27/2021 c26 ariantoty
porfavor no abandones este fanfic, actualizalo lo mas pronto que puedas
10/6/2021 c26 Dasgun

9/23/2021 c26 2HawtTaquito
This is by far one of the best stories that I have ever read.
2/10/2021 c11 OMG fanfic
I really like your stories
2/10/2021 c2 OMG fanfic
Loving the story so far!l!
1/7/2021 c2 naterholt
Yeah you had a good start but having another person with sharingan just ruined this novel.
10/26/2020 c26 5Shunshin no Keiji
I want to murder you it’s been almost or more than 3 years since you updated last
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