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for DXD Sharingan Dragon Slayer

2/10 c11 OMG fanfic
I really like your stories
2/10 c2 OMG fanfic
Loving the story so far!l!
1/7 c2 naterholt
Yeah you had a good start but having another person with sharingan just ruined this novel.
10/26/2020 c26 2Shunshin no Keiji
I want to murder you it’s been almost or more than 3 years since you updated last
9/8/2020 c9 wallymike333
Great chapter
5/6/2020 c13 Tottleminerftw
Itachi:"I am going to tell you a story and your all gonna be crying at the end of it."
4/13/2020 c2 castieltuang002
Gross..this story is trash.
11/17/2019 c17 4Chronosign
I'd say 12
11/4/2019 c9 Chronosign
Xenovia does act like a female Itachi when you think about it, minus the the kinky things.
10/30/2019 c7 Xud10a
I swear in the rating game if you have Itachi do nothing but only beating riser I’m sorry but I’m not reading this fic. So far you’ve completely copied and paste with adding Itachi here and there. So your turning into one of those authors that do crossovers but don’t change a single thing and just copy everything. Honestly the only reason I’m still continuing this is cause I like Itachi
10/30/2019 c4 Xud10a
I’m not sure about these OCs your making. They better not be overpowered i absolutely hate overpowered OCs
9/20/2019 c8 cheyanne.savoy7m
add ravel, sona, and xenovia to itachi's harem
8/22/2019 c9 Rob
Ahem... Itachi was S class criminal SOOOO ya know having him talk half of the chapter DURING fight... ya know that is not Itachi... It is just OC with sharingan... Itachi was always one for subtlety(genjustu), speed and very rarely ninjutsu and you make him some powerfreak wihtout using Genjutsu... As i said it is not Itachi... it is just OC with sharingan (that is not even used much).
8/14/2019 c1 FujoshiLoverOtaku
Dear author, you should add multi -crososver on your synopis. After all, dragon slayer magic was from Fairy Tail and not everyone like multi-crossover, and that person was me. I would prefer Itachi with his own power not from another anime. So no...delete from library
8/10/2019 c7 1RollingFire
I really don't see the purpose of adding an OC to be a main character, or holding enough weight to be given notice in the summary or the character selections. I'm not saying that you can't use an OC, but you have a lot of naruto characters that could've been used for such a purpose. I'm just confused as to why.
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