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for Korriban Night of Ultimate Remembrance

8/7/2016 c1 3JediMasterDraco
Sorry it's been a while since I dropped a review. On the plus side, you are now being reviewed by an official Bachelor of History. I graduated Florida State University earlier this year. Anyways as for your story: I gotta tell you, there are probably few people who pour as much heart and soul into building their own mythos as you do and that deserves a great deal more praise than I can express in a lifetime.

While I'm no fan of the new movie (Rey came off as far too competent for my liking) I can appreciate how you take elements from it (The Order of Ren, Snoke, Starkiller) and make them your own. I love the message of family that you emphasize throughout this trilogy, where the Skywalker-Solo clan has become almost an entity onto itself, but no matter their path, they are ready to go to hell and back for each other. As for the teasing about Abeloth, of all the creatures I can fight when I dream lucidly, there are a mere handful I have never beaten (I usually settle for getting out of the dream alive). She is one of them (ironically I had another of those fights earlier with Oikawa from ker-plop's Digimon Adventure 02 The Story We Never Told). That monstrous thing scares me like few others.

I wish you good fortune in finishing the next two volumes of Fate Unseen and promise to show my support more often. After all, you were the reason I made an account on this site.
8/4/2016 c1 1Lord-Sylph
Ok, the way you made this tie in (sorta) with the abomination that is the Disney-verse, is actually kinda cool!
You REALLLLLY need to make a family tree for all these characters, do you have a DeviantArt account? If not, make one (they're free) and post a family tree for the Solos/Skywalkers/Horn's/Durrons/Fels/Djo's etc please, my head hurts trying to match all these names!
8/1/2016 c1 Force Smuggler
Great to see him again.
Good to see more of his interactions with Ms. Konat. Going to have to go back and read these new scenes in their proper place in ADA.
So that kid is Ganner's I assume?
Nice getting some insight into Ganner's past. Made-up yeah, but whatever.
Did we see Ms. Konat's reaction to Ganner's death in ADA? I know someone wrote about that Imperial hearing about it but not Ms. Konat.
The scene with Ganner's, Natua's and everyone else's Force Ghosts was epic. He would somehow create a saber that would bring back everyone that used the saber. You have to do a series of one-shots about the last stands of the previous owners of Ganner's blade.

I would so love to see their AU story of what would happen if Ganner didn't get his scar and what not.

Thank god you explained what the different Orders were. Was wondering if I'd need a guide for that as well. Ha ha.

The Knights of Ren with Alema are hilarious. Explaining the different Halls to the Jedi and making fun of the rooms of the temple.

Man the Saga has evolved since it began. The Jedi Order was fractured, and then slowly united and then evolving into several sects. academies all over the galaxy, the other Force groups joining the Jedi Order, the Dark Side gaining several sects, and then everyone working together. This series had a way more satisfying growth for the Jedi Order than TFA does. Been looking forward to these entries more so than TFA and sequels as well.
So this is where Snoke goes back. Man oh man.

So going to have to go back and re-read all three of these stories. Such great additions to SW.
8/1/2016 c1 17Boris Yeltsin
Loved it. I'll wait for more stories.

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