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8/21/2016 c1 4The Hooded Author
Name: Francesca Moretti

Gender: F

Personality: She is very intelligent, with a vast knowledge of pokémon and the areas they can be found in. This has given her a rather inflated ego – she believes she knows better than anyone in any situation and acts as such. She often looks down on other people, seeing them as too slow to keep up with her.

She hates not having all the answers, and so often acts as if she does. She keeps a sly smile at all times, even in the direst of situations, just to make people think she knows something they don’t.

She can be cold and analytical, often using people as a means to an ends, but despite that she does actually care for her fellow man. She just prefers to look at the bigger picture, doing things that benefit the whole of humanity, even if they don’t immediately benefit her closest companions or, indeed, herself.

Backstory: She was born into a large, wealthy family in Goldenrod City. Although she had plenty of people around her, she never felt like anyone ever paid her much attention – her parents were always busy working, and her ‘friends’ only really stuck with her for her money and social status. She found that she didn’t have much time to herself, but the little she had she used to sneak off into the park beyond the city and study the local wildlife.

From a young age she saw pokémon less as friends like most people seemed to, but as creatures of amazing power and beauty. She rarely played with them, instead choosing the only watch and observe how they behaved.

At the age of ten she set off on her journey just like everyone else. However, she didn’t have much interest in training, and only used it as an excuse to head to Newbark Town, to meet with Professor Elm, whom she’d idolised for years. She asked to study under him and, although he wasn’t sure at first, she refused to drop the matter and eventually he caved.

Now she travels the world, searching for new and exciting pokémon to study. It’s her dream to find one that no-one has ever seen before and bring it back to the lab. Perhaps someday she could even meet one of the so-called ‘legendaries’...

Appearance: Olive skin. Long, black hair. Green eyes. Quite short and skinny. Typically she wears a t-shirt, jeans and boots for travelling – she prefers dresses, but knows that they’re not particularly practical.

Something Always Carried: A notebook for research notes


Xatu: He rarely shows any emotions. In fact, it’s unclear if he feels anything, even towards his trainer. He can predict the future with almost perfect accuracy, although he rarely bothers to share the information. He mostly keeps to himself, rarely interacting with any people or other pokémon. Professor Elm gave him to Francesca as a natu, hoping that he could help her with her research.

(Xatu is Francesca’s only permanent pokémon. She has a large collection of others that she switches in when the need arises.)
8/3/2016 c1 157Farla
Name: Enos

Gender: M

Personality: Enos is your standard newbie trainer who wants to be the very best, to beat all the gym leaders and the elite four and the champion and then go to other places and do the same thing there. He is, if anything, aggressively normal - he won't admit to any opinions that aren't popular and he's always looking to other people for cues before he chimes in. He hates the idea of people thinking he's weird.

Also, he can understand pokemon speech but won't admit this or acknowledge when they're talking to him.

Appearance: Strawberry blond hair, blue eyes, light skin.

Something always carried: Bracelet made of round, light blue stones.

Pokèmon: Bulbasaur, phanpy, poliwag, tyrogue.
8/1/2016 c1 Martyn
How's about Addie inherited her father's gluttony?
8/1/2016 c1 23St Elmo's Fire
Your title isn't fully capitalized.

I have an OC:

Name: Char

Gender: Whatever.

Personality: Char has an abrasive personality and is not good at hiding it. They talk coldly, stiltedly, and flatly. They don't waste words, but they display a large vocabulary for someone their age that is both impressive and a little unnerving. They smile and laugh at inappropriate times, especially when other people are suffering. They don't like or care about any of the people around them, and are not good at pretending to. Anyone who is put off by that sort of thing will probably not want to work with, help, or even be around them.

When Char decides to do something, they do it no matter what and against all odds. They have a high pain tolerance and no undue regard for their own body, so they don't tend to be slowed down by fear for their own well-being or by non-debilitating injuries. They also have an uncanny ability to predict what their opponents will do before they do it. In fact, they can predict all sorts of things, to the point that it sometimes seems as though they are able to see the future.

If they are alone with a human or group of humans that they can hurt or kill and get away with it, they will do so.

If they are in a situation where they have to interact non-violently with other humans, they will attempt to play nice out of self-preservation. As mentioned above, they aren't particularly good at it.

Sometimes they may be caught speaking to someone who doesn't appear to be there. They talk about what they want to do next, what the other person wants them to do next, how much fun they are or aren't having. They are always facing south when they do this.

For now, they're just playing, exploring things and trying to get stronger. It's really funny how the people around here don't seem to mind if you have deadly weapons out all the time and never expect you to use them on humans even if you've just disabled all of their weapons and they're completely helpless. It's hilarious how people travel around alone except for their pokemon and aren't really expected to be anywhere in particular by a given time, so it takes ages for anyone to notice if they go missing. Of course, it's also interesting that there are potentially world-ending weapons pretty much everywhere, just sitting around waiting to be wielded by anyone powerful enough to take them. So, that makes for a good long-term goal.

They always carry a knife. They are not from around here.

Appearance: They look about ten to twelve years old. They have chin-length mahogany hair, bright red eyes, and pale skin with rosy cheeks. They are androgynous enough in appearance and dress that people who expect to be able to tell someone's gender just by looking at them will be very confused. They wear a blood-red sweater, brown shorts, and a heart-shaped "Best Friends Forever" locket. In cold weather, they'll also wear a ketchup-stained blue zipper hoodie and a large orange scarf.

Something always carried: The knife and the locket.

Pokèmon: None of Char's pokemon have nicknames.

Meganium: Overexcited puppy. Utterly adores Char and tries to imitate them whenever possible, but he's too wussy to really pull it off. He acts really tough and intimidating and loves to make scary faces, but his confident facade will crumple in the face of extreme danger. He makes incredibly gruesome and morbid threats to other pokemon about how he'll kill them and everyone they love, but they're so over-the-top they're often hard to take seriously. Perpetually bored and craves entertainment; he considers fighting alongside Char to be the best fun he's ever had. He enjoys killing people and is extremely powerful.

Pancham: Adores Char much like the meganium does, but lacks the strength to commit. He claims he would do anything for Char and earnestly believes it, but if Char pushes him to do something really dangerous he might balk. He's obedient, but kind of a wuss and a crybaby. He is a little unnerved by how murderous Char is and sometimes wondered if they were doing the right thing, but Char has convinced him it's for the best and that humans are just evil monsters. And if Char says something is true, then it must be! He's still too squeamish to kill humans directly, a fact that Char finds to be a great disappointment. They're working on it.
8/1/2016 c1 Chaos239



Personality- A quiet and mysterious battler, many things are Unkown about this monster of a battler.
He generally doesn't speak to anyone which many interpret to be rudeness. He hates all things that don't have meaning. He also has a deep hatred of the Kanto elite 4.

Appearance-A black Aviator jacket, black shirt, black jeans, black trainers and black gloves.

Something always carried- A black ring which has a delta symbol carved into it.



Deino(Dragon breath)

Magikarp(Tackle, Splash)

If you want to change anything go ahead and if you want to use Ellis repeatedly then just PM me
8/1/2016 c1 5Green Feather
You somehow managed to use the wrong accent every time you wrote 'Pokémon'.
8/1/2016 c1 3DracoShield234
My rating: Half-way between bad and crap. No offence. I do want to help you with this story, so here are some things you can fix. First of all, your writing is super inconsistent. One moment Addie is speaking, the next, her speaker is. Or in one part, Prof. Oak is talking, then, without starting a paragraph or using new quotation marks, Addie started talking again. Speaking of quotation marks, sometimes you'll do 'this', while sometimes you use "this". And you ARE allowed to use commas, you know. What sounds better? "Addie come get some waffles" or, "Addie, come get some waffles." Speaking of her, Addie has far to many problems. First off, if you're going to make your character mute, DO NOT give her a magic thing that can talk for her, because that basically makes her not mute at all. The point of a flaw is to make it an actual problem your character has to deal with. Second. Why the hell can she freaking psychic link to a pokemon SHE JUST MET? And everyone just shrugs it off like it's a normal everyday thing. The "I can talk/understand pokemon" thing is very overdone and mary-sue. And all the other characters are terrible as well! Mom is a generic mom with no personality. Gary is a generic mentor character. Prof. Oak has the personality of a... guy. (How in your right mind do you think Professor Oak would ever say "Hey come get your pokemon." That is so out-of-character.) Squirtles personality is "I'm a pokemon!". Psyducks personality is "I'm a pokemon." Ash's personality is also... guy. (He has one completely uninteresting line of dialogue so far, and it's even more out of character then Prof. Oak!) Nothing in this first chapter is interesting at all, and sets up nothing in terms of story. If this story has a plot at all, at least hint at it in the first chapter so the reader has a reason to keep reading and not give your story a negative rant in the review section.

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