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for ElectricBlue

8/13/2017 c1 Guest
Really loved this.
Would be good to read more with these two :)
8/7/2017 c1 3doraemax
Wow, i kinda want to know more. What is happening? What is the timeline in Teen-wolf terms? Derek can shift? So, it is after the fourth season? How many kind of Werewolf is there? etc
3/30/2017 c1 63Anna Lane
Aw what a sweet moment between Buffy and Derebear
3/28/2017 c1 5Regin
Any chance there is going to be a continuation? I liked it.
12/25/2016 c1 1gabelou1991
11/20/2016 c1 Guest
love this!
8/23/2016 c1 4vampluva87
I love this so much! Write more please! xD
8/6/2016 c1 joanna
intro looks good. :)
8/1/2016 c1 39Jaycie Victory
Bloody brilliant.

Would love more of this character pairing or this story. :)

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