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7/3/2018 c9 Manamesmark
my lord you guys HAVE to start this up again it is actually the best thing *screams internally*
11/29/2017 c9 Alucard
This was a great chapter, I hope you two will eventually start it up again it is very entertaining.
11/28/2017 c1 Alucard
Great start to your story and entertaining, high hopes for the rest
10/7/2017 c1 Mr.wolffe
Weiss you don't wanna know really we're creepy fuckers you might wanna stay as far as possible
7/23/2017 c9 Guest
I am greatly sad to see this end but that was honestly a perfect ending. I was honestly laughing at that. I'm gonna miss these two immortal bastards (ironic right?) But still. At least it left off on a numerous end. I just gotta say thank you for this great story.
4/17/2017 c9 Watcher
It's sad to see this go.
1/31/2017 c8 Some asshole 4145
I hope I don't get blue balls on this one
11/23/2016 c4 1Thorfaxdragonkin
The new virus is the grimm
11/13/2016 c8 H20 Ferrum Dominus
Keep up the good work and thanks for the chapter!
9/23/2016 c7 alexkehling
I will admit that I was a bit excited when I found this. And the first couple chapters were quite good. Although when I found out Marino stuff was gonna be in it I...kinda lost quite a bit of that excitements...not saying it's bad, just that I don't like it due to generic anime stuff.
That and didn't fully like the whole origin stuff...really wanted to see a continuation of the rwby part.
This is your creation so you decide what to do with it. Will follow this since I'm sure this will get back to rwby whenever you have free time for it. Will admit that the OC's are pretty good so far.
9/1/2016 c2 24The Baz
I would have been more impressed by your commitment if you would have actually spelled out each number.
9/1/2016 c1 The Baz
Love it, want more.
8/15/2016 c3 chris
keep up the great work
8/15/2016 c3 Titanwalker
Sooooo... The system kinda messed with us, and we had to upload chapter 3, 3 times. So if you saw the messed up one, sorry. Hope you enjoy the story so far.
8/10/2016 c2 rubberduck248
My guess is that Maelstorm is from Naruto.
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