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11/23/2016 c7 Jennifer.123
Great story. Please update and CS PLEASE
11/19/2016 c7 7ElleGr
Hopefully Emma will tell David and MM soon or they'll put the pieces together and figure it out. I'd say make it Swanqueen because as I read it I feel like the interactions between Emma and Regina are setting it up but it's your call. I'm really enjoying this story so far
11/17/2016 c7 Lauraxx
Please update. Love this story and defiantly captainswan.
11/13/2016 c7 Rose
Love this story but captain swan all the way. Update asap please
11/12/2016 c7 Guest
11/12/2016 c7 Guest
I love this story. But please please please make it a captainswan story. If I read another swan queen story I'm gonna scream. Update please
11/11/2016 c7 Naomi
I really like this story. I feel so bad for Emma and I want the Nolans to work out what is going on so they can help her. Also I'm scared what is in the basement. I would love if you made it CaptainSwan, I think Killian could really understand Emma as he didn't have a great childhood either. Hope you update soon! :)
11/9/2016 c7 Guest
#captianswan is life
11/9/2016 c7 Hailey
11/9/2016 c7 1Hope For A Happy Ending
Omg please update soon! I absolutely love this so far! Please please please keep writing. I mean, Captain Swan is the bomb but whatever you feel is fitting I will adore no matter what :D
11/8/2016 c7 Araya
I really love this story update ASAP! I want to see MM, David and Emma to have a moment where she breaks down and tells them the truth
11/8/2016 c1 Lanea
11/8/2016 c7 Guest
I love this story!
11/8/2016 c7 rachel.wood.5895
Sea queen would be awesome. You are already lining it up that way by how much Regina and Emma interact
11/8/2016 c7 Guest
Hey ! I really love your story it's awesome ! Red swan brotp is one of my favorites too. And please make it Swanqueen. I won't be mad if it's not, but please ! :)
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