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for Girls sleepover

8/16/2017 c3 PJM 13
your story is pretty cool, are you not gonna finish it?
10/30/2016 c2 suenami3
Could you have one of them sing Wild by Troye Sivan or Here Comes The Sun by Gary Barlow?
9/16/2016 c2 1The Midnight Angels
DIs should be fun
9/4/2016 c2 3Lenister
Ha! Love it! Each song fits each girl perfectly.
Please update ASAP.

-Truths (for anyone): What is your guilty pleasure you try to hide from everyone?
What is the question you are dreading being asked?
-Dares: (Barbara) Put on a bra on top of your clothes and go outside dressed like that to buy drinks.
(Cassie) Give ten strangers on the street a hug.

Of course, the other girls have to follow them on the Bio-Ship to make sure they don't cheat.
8/19/2016 c2 LegitMistress123
Aw! This is so cute! Okay, my dare is to prank call some League members, pretending to be people like customers ordering big macs from burger king, and stuff like that
8/19/2016 c2 2StarStruckPenguinLover
I dare zatanna to try and seduce robin.
I dare Artemis to tell Wally that she loves him and record his reaction.
8/19/2016 c2 2lieng lieng Chanz
Dare artimes to sit in a bath tub of obleck (if you don't know what it is just look it there is recipe online )

I dare Megan to preform Houdini water trap escape without using her power

I dare Raquel to sit in a human plastic hamster ball (don't let her out until she faints)
8/5/2016 c1 Hannah
Barb sing Make it in america Victoria Justice, Karen sing Selena Gomez Tell me something
8/6/2016 c1 Nina1029
Karen: tell me something I don't know Selena Gomez.
Megan: human Christina perri.
Raquel: make it in America Victoria Justice.
Class: Miley Cyrus part in the USA
8/5/2016 c1 Shaggy123
I would like to see:
Batgirl- Problem by Ariana Grande
Zee and Megan- girl meets world theme song
8/4/2016 c1 Alice
Cassie - fabulous high school musical 2
8/4/2016 c1 Guest
Not bad
can you make Artemis, Barb and Cass sing cheetah love from cheetah girls please.
8/4/2016 c1 Guest
I like it so far.
My request:
Artemis - Shake it off by Taylor swift
8/3/2016 c1 Guest
8/4/2016 c1 Warior101
Zatanna should sing something about magic like little mix black magic.

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