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for Harry's small attentions

4/26/2018 c1 Silverdragonstar
Ha have to love the loyalty of the house elf! I love fact that they had a literal interpretation of Harry's instructions.
8/4/2016 c1 2TheArtfulDodger26
Ahahaha, that's so funny! There are some errors in language and punctuation, but that can be easily fixed. The fic is sweet and proof that the wizarding world needs to sort out her priorities- no pancakes, I ask you!
8/3/2016 c1 51seriousblahblah
Hi vefeu! Thanks so much for doing HPFC's pancake challenge :D

Oh your characterization of Dobby is spot on and he's as bubbly as usual "Anything Mister Harry Potter Sir" that is the optimistic, super good Dobby I loved from the books :)
Harry's use of magic in the kitchen is great "oh right the butter needed to be melted, incedio" Lol that would make cooking a lot easier wouldn't it? I wish I could use incedio instead of a frying pan or microwave.

LOL the house-elves served pancakes to the rest of the school too? Wow the pureblood kids must've been confused!

Funny story, though you were missing some punctuation marks on the dialogue. If you want, I could help beta this story to fix any spag or errors)
8/3/2016 c1 Beyondthesea16
too funny, they'll be eating pancakes for every meal.
8/3/2016 c1 522yellow 14
Cute and funny, but punctuation could use some work. (Speech marks are missing entirely, there are spaces between words and punctuation marks like question marks and capitals in the wrong places) Also, the wording has a few mistakes (like laughter, not laught, say instead of said etc)

Still, while English isn't your first language, it's an entertaining story and still a good deal better than some of the crap you see on this site. Keep writing
8/3/2016 c1 medinamassage.bmc
This is so sweet!

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