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for Whistles and Bows

3/20 c1 mimipoppins
now this was just so funny and delightful omg can't believe I hadn't read it before but I'm sure I'll re-read this a lot
12/31/2020 c1 reisova
Very good
6/8/2020 c1 Clare
A very funny and teasing fanfic! I always wonder what would've happened if the Captain had insisted Maria use the whistle on her first day and you have described the idea perfectly :) I love how she came up with a more inventive way of teaching the Captain a lesson by using his signal 'by mistake' lots of times and having him come running whenever she did ;) And what a rascal G is, following her around and trapping her in confined spaces to fluster her as a way of turning the tables. I'm sure that would annoy Maria more than anything else, because of the arrogance of the man, knowing he can affect her so much, unless he thinks he can affect ALL women in that way, and in that case it would be even more annoying. Lols The bit with the apple is delicious too. Great story! Left me wanting more.
5/13/2017 c1 MsLizzie regrets
I loved this so much. Adorable.
1/30/2017 c1 73UndoubtedlyTheWine
*Whistles* for this fic :D
Very naughty and adorable :)
12/25/2016 c1 33augiesannie
this was so clever - funny and hot and I loved it! (even if I didn't say so till now). It was such a wonderful pretext - I've always wondered what happened with those whistles. Thank you so much for sharing!
11/12/2016 c1 4Where I Cannot Follow
Very cute one shot and well written! Thanks for posting!
10/9/2016 c1 28Mie779
wonderful story... sorry I didn't come around to read it sooner... RL is busy at the moment... But I did like this story very much... very sweet... and I love how G is teasing her back for her mischief ;) very romantic
10/4/2016 c1 melu785
I like it, keep on writing! :)
8/20/2016 c1 139rebecca-in-blue
Oh my gosh, this is such a cute story. I love your creative use of Georg's "silly old whistle." I lol'ed at Maria having some him at his expense with his whistle signal, then learning her lesson when she's forced to use it for real. This was a very fun read!
8/11/2016 c1 Jen
This was so adorable. I liked it a lot.
8/9/2016 c1 1callumrogers7
HILARIOUS & clever - The idea that Maria doesn't refuse the whistle & instead uses it to prove a point to CvT is unique & well written. Like that it backfires on her a little bit too & CvT's comment about 'The Boy Who Cried Wolf'. All very amusing & entertaining to read.
8/7/2016 c1 8IDontKnowYourSignal
Excellent - so much fun! I love how you've captured Maria's sassy attitude towards the Captain, especially when it comes to whistles and signals...and great to see the Captain playing along. Another great contribution!
8/7/2016 c1 11BlossomOfEdelweiss
Oh, I'm so glad you got he urge to write a one shot! This one was so clever and deliciously done. I wonder what they used that whistle for in the future. Loved this , it was so cute and fun.
8/5/2016 c1 14Warmwoollenmittens
This was delicious, I hope you expand on this!
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