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for Kodiac's Saga Part One: The Beginning

11/22/2017 c1 45SnapeFan777
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9/5/2016 c1 SPREAD THE WORD

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8/9/2016 c3 19Nutcase friend
ahhhhh! where are the siblings! I need to know.
Good chapter, but again, maybe you need to slow it down and try to describe things a bit more so as not to rush it, but apart from that so anxious to see how the others are.
8/6/2016 c2 Nutcase friend
I love the names in the family, especially sakrin.
One bit if constructive criticism that I've learned while writing, is try to avoid using 'right now, they are doing etc.'
Another thing, (I hope you don't mind me saying this, coz I'm not a pro writer or anything cool like that) is that try to join short sentences. Instead of saying, 'the kits are playing. Sakrin is out hunting' say something like 'the kits are playing while sakrin is out hunting,'.
Anyway, great though, am so excited to read more. Good luck!
8/3/2016 c1 Nutcase friend
This is great. Your writing has gotten hell good! Keep going and I command you not to stop writing!

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