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6/11 c20 Guest
I really love this story, and while it may never be updated again, I just thought I’d let you know that I and a whole lot of others appreciate you taking the time to write and plan it all out. One of the best ones out there for sure.
6/6 c20 1Pixelitus
Three years since the last update apparently… why would you leave at such a huge cliffhanger?!
6/6 c15 Pixelitus
From there, it was basic addition to figure out that this operation needed a fair bit of money and considering their source of revenue...well, it was becoming very clear that his hopeful one person a month prayer wasn't true.

Didn’t you say week and not month earlier though?

I’m also not that positive about Pete’s reveal but… alright….
6/6 c13 Pixelitus
The Spider-Man banter is the best part of this story.
6/6 c12 Pixelitus
I don’t like his new suit as much as the red and blue one. I hope he switches it soon.
6/6 c11 Pixelitus
Waaqa, the supreme sky god of the Oromo tribesmen has the leading claim for being crowned The God of Coffee. The Oromo are one of the native populations of Ethiopia and lay claim to the earliest use of coffee. For the Oromo, coffee was a staple food in their diet.
6/6 c4 DragonANGL
Thanks for the chapter!

I know it's an old chapter and all, and Petey's moves are the usual for him, but I can't quite get out of my head what the police officers' reactions were to him stopping the car and hoisting the driver in the air - with Catwoman hugging/holding onto him from behind all the way.
5/20 c1 Guest
Ya van a ser 3 años desde que no actualizás. No sé lo que te pasó, pero dejame decirte que esta historia es genial y sería estupendo que la continúes.
4/30 c13 4DaDragon562
This chapter was hilarious especially that ending with Gordon
4/15 c17 Mr.Heller
Did Peters healing factor turned off or something? Sure, he's no Logan, but non vital bullet wounds would take half an hour to heal at most. And why's he becoming the center of the universe all of the sudden? He's been on the scene for a few days, no one in their right mind would pull all their recourses to fight some unimportant thug in costume, superpowers or not.
4/15 c16 Mr.Heller
Yeah, people really don't think the whole "disappearing act" through... THEY CAN'T FUCKING TELEPORT, Peter runs at around 400mph and have super senses, these bitches are nowhere near that fast.
4/11 c15 3Weshney
I didn't even need your author's note at the end to know exactly what picture you were painting with Peter's thought process. It came across exactly how you meant it to.
4/11 c8 Weshney
All the character interactions are just so gooood. I love that Peter's getting mother henned, too, btw. XD
4/10 c5 Weshney
Your descriptions and jokes are just too funny. Thanks for writing.

Also, it's unrelated to your story except for the fact that you wrote "escrima", but you helped me break through a bit of an inspiration block on my own story! I couldn't remember what those were called, so I had written them in as batons. XD Then when I went to change it, all of a sudden I was able to edit the part productively.
4/10 c1 Jo Cook
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