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5/5 c1 Guest
Hey man I just saw that you're still active and updating so don't take this as a demand or anything but pleaaase update this story since it's sooo good. Idk if you're having writer's block or life problems(if so I'm sorry) I hope you can overcome it and update this one cause pal this is one awesome freakin story!
5/5 c20 Guest
Man I'm just discovering and reading this story gotta say this is one of the best fanfic I've ever read on this site. The quality work that guys like you constantly put out boggles my mind. It's a great read and I'm terrible sad to see that you've probably abandoned this story(atleast that's what it looks like. I've no idea what's going on with your life). Hope you're alright and hopefully will come back to this story sometime.
4/27 c20 Guest
Man I really hope this gets completed one day. It's AMAZING!
4/20 c1 Lopez123
Thank you for writing this story, It's incredibly well done, engaging, and though depressing never leaves a bad taste in the mouth it is just perfect, even though this is not even finished I'm incredibly satisfied with how uou wrote this, One of the best stories that I've read and one of the stories that warranted a comment for me tagnkyou!
4/19 c20 redx1221
Hey there newly appreciative reader here and I got to say I'm really impressed with how you write this story and before I get my hopes up I was wondering it this story will ever get continued at any point in time or if I should just give up on it
4/17 c20 Kenrio
Already can see him taking spider as his new obsession. After all many crazy guys take spider as obssesion
4/14 c20 foxyshooter63
Thanks I’m sad you didn’t continue this but I’m glad I read it and how is great even if you stopped updating it
4/3 c20 KemirSkjorl
Simply an amazing read.
3/31 c1 Leogasph10
Extraño este Fic, es mi favorito de Spider-Man en DC.
3/31 c13 animusand
I typically dislike when metahumans fight with Batman because Bats always gets plot armor.
3/30 c12 animusand
Marshmallow on potato? Why would something so sweet go on something that's supposed to be variably salty?
3/24 c20 centi108l
Huh, so that's what it was. I put my money on him merging with his other soul. Also, I'm pretty sure that the DC universe is canon to marvel via the thor comics, so does that mean that Peter is in the past?
3/20 c1 M.lingard
Yay! A great fanfiction about DC that isn't a harem!

P.s. no I'm being serious, there are too many.
3/6 c20 RandoFox
Pls dont be abandoned
3/5 c2 RandoFox
Pls let this be barbara and peter
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