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3/5 c9 Guest
This fanfiction is great. I don’t know what else to say. I’m really loving it, so keep up the good work! I’ve never been much of a Nagito x Mikan person, but the way they’re portrayed in this fic is simply incredible! I’m utterly fascinated by your take on the characters. Thank you!
3/19/2020 c9 11Melody of Black and White
Fuck yes, a new chapter. I have been waiting for this.
11/27/2018 c8 futurewriterselenadark
I've been reading your story and I really, REALLY hope (no pun intended) that you can continue this story!

I really love how you actually go deep into the mindset of Mikan and Nagito! Especially Nagito! I love the guy for his complex characterization and often felt sympathy for the guy. Even though he did technically start the killing in the game, it was the fact his previously friendly behavior and later when you actually got to see his thoughts that made me realize there HAD to be more to him than just his ramblings about "hope and despair." Actually listening to him ( and doing a bit of research ), makes you understand that his whole life has been affected because of his talent and that's why he usually avoids people. ... But unlike you, some writers tend to forget that or play up his obsession with hope for the sake of a parody. Also unlike you, in the romantic stories that I've read that involve Nagito tend to make him out of character when pursuing a love interest by trying to get closer when in fact he should actually be trying to keep his distance. But you actually stook to characterization and did your best to make it logically plausible.

Then there's also Mikan. Because she's been severely bullied all her life and it's implied that she has been sexually harassed if not abused in her past, she should be hesitant and not wanting to rush in either. She only acted the way she did was because of the Despair Disease. That isn't actually her personality.

Meanwhile, I've read a different Nagito x Mikan on this site, but I didn't like it as much because it didn't feel plausible for them to rush into a relationship. You, on the other hand, made it so that they're actually taking their time and aren't rushing into a relationship! That makes perfect sense for both these characters given their pasts and traumas!

I also don't mind the more realistic setting here either. I mean it's a fanfiction, I'm not going to be bothered too much and you're allowed to make your own creative choices. However, the reason why I love this more realistic setting is that it gives us a chance to connect with these characters we already love even more. Heck, explaining Nagito's philosophy with a cult is actually a great explanation for this setting! In addition, it's actually nice to read a story about these two where they're trying to get help and move on the best they can... Even though you mentioned the things they've been through like the Despair Disease never happened. But the fact that they're trying to get help is the point!

I also want to praise on how you keep careful attention to detail between interactions, no matter how short that interaction was in canon. It might seem silly and insignificant to some, but it's important if you want a more authentic interaction in fanfiction. I understand how this can be a challenge since Mikan and Nagito don't really interact with each other in the games or even in the side stories. But, I just want to tell you that I think you're doing an excellent job at it.

Finally, on a more personal note, I really, REALLY love how you're writing about mentally ill/abused characters but you're showing both their flaws while not casting them in an evil light. I'm a mentally ill person myself who was severely bullied in my childhood. I get mad when someone tries to cast mental illness as villainy and even angrier when it's romanticized. You're showing the ups and downs in a perfectly acceptable way that makes me really appreciate what you're doing.

Sorry, this review ended up being much longer than intended but I didn't just want to say, "This is a cute story. Keep going." But if you've read it this far, I just want to thank you for your hard work and I hope you continue soon.

P.S Screw those people who said mentally ill and traumatized people can't be in relationships without being abusive. That's just total BS.
6/1/2018 c8 28The Apocryphal One
The cult sounds really terrifying and depressing, but I do like the details of how it influenced Nagito's mindset (his poor dog) and Junko Celestia's presences. Also it's good to see Nagito gaining some self-worth and standing up for himself! Backstory AND character development, nice chapter!
5/16/2018 c7 AwakeningFates
really hoping for more updates. Komiki fics are rare here and this is by far the best one I've read here
1/23/2018 c7 Yume Nikki Fan
Your story is really good, I cant wait to read more. There are not many Nagito x Mikan stories, so this kind of fanfic is kind of rare.
1/7/2018 c7 rheascarlet
Thank you for this chapter..
Your explanation about their diseases does seem on point (well i don't really know about physiology so it seems like it's true)
And i can't wait to read in nagito point of view..
11/30/2017 c6 AwakeningFates
really hoping this gets more updates. it's really good
10/20/2017 c6 AwakeningFates
plz update soon. it's really good
10/17/2017 c6 Nyami
Hello! Um so glad your still updating ;-; I've been keeping up since chapter 1 haha
I really love this story of yours, i love the slow pace these two are taking. Its amazing how you go into detail and deliver their canon personalities, I truly appreciate that. Please keep going, your doing really great :D
8/24/2017 c6 The Apocryphal One
This is a very sweet story. I like the slow pacing and exploration of Nagito and Mikan's relationship, and how they both have issues making stumbling blocks but still try. I love that their traumas are being treated seriously instead of for laughs like in the game (especially for Mikan). Good work, keep it up!
1/2/2017 c4 xaxiel1572
In all honesty I expected Komaeda to avoid Mikan at least for a while.

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