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3/21 c22 Guest
When is the next real chapters for this story and one more night finally going to come I been waiting what feels like 5 years for a actual update on this story try not to keep your readers waiting for to long who still want to read this story
5/30/2020 c6 MetalBatt
Yeah, I have a strong feeling that Ash's father didn't just abandon them without reason...
5/29/2020 c5 MetalBatt
"I swear, I'm normally much better at this whole walking thing."
Yep. I definitely have to remember to use this somewhere in my life lmao
5/29/2020 c1 MetalBatt
Damn. 18 years old is an insane amount of time to wait to become a trainer... But then again, it's the most logical, and somewhat realistic age to earn a license. I mean, you are traveling solo around the world filled with dangerous ass creatures capable of killing you in a second. So yeah, 18 sounds like a good age to earn the privilege to travel by your lonesome! That said, man, I'm really liking what you're doing with Ash! He's much more mature and calm, since he's an adult, yet still contains that giddiness and childlike attitude that we all know him for. Plus, he's not lecherous! That's a big plus for me when it comes to fics like this! And with the quality of this story so far, I can tell this is gonna be a goody :).
5/16/2020 c1 7PraetorFable
You know, I remember reading this story so many years back. It must be about four years ago at this point... I absolutely loved this story, so I'm happy to see you back. More importantly though, it's great to hear you're doing great outside of fanfiction, and I wish you luck with the draft and everything else that will follow. Whenever you get a chance to update, I will be reading!
4/16/2020 c21 Zephyruxx
Heh, gotta love all these abandoned stories lol.
12/10/2018 c21 esfmaster
Loved it so far. Just perfect.
7/30/2018 c1 Guest
Rip these stories T.T
1/19/2018 c21 Western-Otaku
This story was great! Was intensely heart warming from start to where you've left off. Poor Brock though... Being the quiet third wheel on the racing bike that is Ash and May's relationship. Hope he finds a girl of his own soon. Fair play to him though, he's doing amazingly well not being completely jealous of Ash and his luck with the ladies. It's a little odd though that things are back to normal now but Brock isn't jumping to flirt with the attractive women that he sees (understandable when Ash was in hospital but now he's basically 100 percent again... unless in this timeline he grew out of it?). Hope you come back to update this story soon, 250k words and the trio (plus maybe Max?) haven't even left on their journey yet, plus May and Ash haven't even brought up the question of travelling together yet. Plus another thing I noticed is Ash and May are happy the other is opening up so quickly to them but one thing that hasn't been said is why May became scared or resentful towards Pokémon when she was a kid. She's made references to this memory but she's never opened up about it, yet Ash was able to tell her and her family about his father which was one of the most character shaping moments of his life.
1/19/2018 c16 Western-Otaku
I feel like I've eaten my body weight in sugar, this is getting so sweet haha
1/18/2018 c3 Western-Otaku
Ah... The first movie still brings a tear to my eye... You know the movie was heart wrenching when it makes a 6 year old cry, yet I still watched it repeatedly on DVD.
1/18/2018 c1 Western-Otaku
Holy... That was intense, you had me hooked from start to finish, looking forward to how this story plays out. I see everyone is going to be older here and that makes a lot of sense, hope Ash makes it through this.
12/10/2017 c21 Advance shipper
It's been a while since I read this story it's still as good as the first time I read it and I hope at some point ash asks may out on a date I know she would be very surprised and won't expect it from him but I know she will be very happy and excited I would like to see these two make more moves on each other giving each other more hints of there feelings for each other maybe like ash giving may a kiss on the cheek and may could do the same something like that I know ash should ask may to travel with him for obvious reasons I really do hope the next chapter comes soon I really want to read more from this story and it's been so long since last update please continue this amazing fanfic u made here don't abandoned such a wonderful story
12/2/2017 c1 Guest
Please continue this story it's one of the best advance shipping stories I read in a while I want to see more between ash and may
9/29/2017 c21 HTV

This is too good.
One of the best things I've ever read. I tried to force myself to read one chapter a day or two days, but I couldn't. That should be 21 days if daily, but finished in 3-5. Also this is the 2nd fic that forced me to read almost all night. This story is just soooo adicting. I have no idea where I should start

Normally I try to not get into stories that seems to be put on hold (last update was nearly a year ago), because most likely they won't be finished, but I'm so happy that I discovered this story and I really hope, that this story will be updated soon. That would be a waste if this pauses like that.

I didn't checked your other stories yet, but I'm gonna do this soon and this time I must force myself to not read all of it in one day xd

I'm glad that I found this, I hope that you read this review, I hope that you return one day and continue this amazing fic.
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