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6/30/2017 c4 Misled Eevee
Now I know Ash is gonna live because this story would be real short if he didn't but way to make me cry anyways
6/2/2017 c4 AmeRainWoman
James's hair isn't blue-violet. It's lavender! smh
5/25/2017 c6 11Linkin-Phoenix
I really like this but I am wondering whether Ash is being set up for a fall. I don't think you can build a character this much without having him fall down at some point and have May lose at least some faith in him.
3/19/2017 c21 midnightnme
This thing is pure amazing. The beauty, the depth, the intensity as well as the occasional lightheartedness, it's surreal. I can safely say I have never read anything like and eagerly await the continuation. I have read stories as beautiful, no doubt, but they are either one shots or maybe 5-10 chapters long, maximum. But writing 21 chapters and still managing to excite the reader to the same amount, the is super awesome. Thankyou for this great story, good sir.
3/11/2017 c21 Advance shipper
I have been rereading this fanfic several times now it is awesome I love the advance shipping in this story I'm loving every bit of it this is just a thought if your looking for some advance shipping moments to add between ash and may I suggest u look at friends to lovers it's pure advance shipping in there and it's one of the best stories i ever came across and the way how they got together was just beautiful and romantic I'm just saying this incase if u can't find any ideas keep up the good work and please continue this amazing story u made here I really want to read more of this and I'm wondering will max mays younger brother travel with Brock may and ash to update soon please and it gets a perfect 10 out of 10 with 5 star rating
2/23/2017 c1 Guest
I hope this story isn't abandoned already this fanfic was getting good please continue this fanfic i want to read more of this and so do the other readers who read fanfics like this one update soon please
2/21/2017 c1 Zephyruxx
Is the story dead now?
1/1/2017 c21 440 Jordinio 0
Well, this was an interesting read. Just spent the last two hours reading from start to finish. You might wanna tone down on the heavy handed and overly formal dialogue at times though, maybe tone down the sugary sweet comforting moments that appear quite frequently. That, and maybe work on you battles a bit, I know this story isn't really centered around battles, but more effort into them is always good in my opinion, just aim to make them flow well.

I rarely read Advanceshipping anymore. I got tired early on of Drew always being a love rival for Ash when Ash could snap the scrawny twig in half...and his attitude just rubs me the wrong way. I moved on to Pearlshipping as my favourite, which sorry to say kills my interest in your 'Facade' story.

Ofcourse, a while back I bit the bullet and watched the Kalos journey. Serena came outta nowhere and clubbed me over the head. Being drawn into being a Shipper is so hard sometimes man, it's made my reading choices very selective when I don't want any of May, Dawn or Serena to end up with anyone but Ash.

Plus, Cavaliershipping is really stupid in my opinion. Paul literally doesn't even know Dawn's name.

Anyway good read. you deserve way more reviews for the effort you've put in here. And how about a heads up on your 'Trial of Will' story? I prefer lighthearted Pokemon stories, I don't mind them gritty at times, but I try to avoid anything to do with rape, cheating, jealousy inducing - like flirting with a guy to get Ash jealous and the like.
12/25/2016 c1 Fire Tails
When does Chapter 7 of Facade come out?
12/24/2016 c1 FireTails
When does Chapter 7 of Facade come out?
12/23/2016 c1 Guest
Please update this story and as well as your trial of will stories! :) Some of the best advanceshipping stories out their
12/16/2016 c21 1Waid
Incredibly pumped to see how the romance plays out. Great work and keep it up!
12/4/2016 c21 7Ancient - StS
Hmm, I guess that's the end of my reviewing on that app on my phone... 3rd review that's failed to post.

Anyways, to the story. Um... Opinion unchanged. Best Advanceshipping story I've read in a while, a really LONG while. And man, if this is just the slice of life stuff, I can only imagine how freaking amazing things will be once we hit the road. I can't even begin to comprehend how much it must have sucked to have lost all that work, so the fact that you got this out is even greater. I don't know if this helps, but if you keep a copy on your computer and just copy what you got into a Google Drive doc before you wrap up a writing session, you got a copy offline and a copy in the cloud. Could be useful.

The writing was as good as ever. A few grammatical mistakes, easily forgiven by sheer quality and the fact that this is better than I often do, not having a beta of my own ever and doing my spell check as I go along. Just keep up exactly what you're doing, because at this rate, and this is almost painful to say just because of how long I've supported this, you could exceed even One Love, One Heart (if you're an Advanceshipper and haven't read that, you must be living under a rock, and I see more potential here that I did there. That's how good you're doing!). Keep things up, you da' man!
11/28/2016 c21 Guest
Love the story
I have no word to describe it
11/28/2016 c21 Advance shipper
It's great to see that this story is finally updated and I really loved this chapter and I liked the way how ash and may were both amazed on how they looked when they were both wearing those dresses in that clothes store it was really nice of ash paying for the stuff may wanted as a way of how proud he was for may even if he doesn't like doing clothes shopping I can tell may and Ash's romantic feelings for each other have grown even further to the point where may almost wanted to have her first kiss with ash I hope soon that moment dose come true for ash and may that will be a special moment that they will always remember for their rest of their lives please keep making moments between ash and may like this it was really touching and romantic in a way your an amazing author for this story maybe some time u can make a fanfic where ash and may both go to aloha region together please keep this story going it's amazing i just love it advance shipping forever ashxmay
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