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1/7/2021 c1 5EmmaLaufyson21
Please write more! Or maybe send a link to the new story?
5/26/2020 c20 Michelle
Liked story but the rape of face and sweet Murdock oh my God felt bad for them both...
7/6/2019 c20 92peppe1951
you ended as a cliff hanger! will have to check the new story out...
10/26/2018 c16 peppe1951
Glad that Face was able to help Hannibal and Murdock defend themselves and get away
8/27/2018 c14 72Thatkliqkid
This is very rushed with things happening very quickly with little build up. I'm up to chapter 14 and I still don't fully understand why these guys took Face and Murdock. Also, apparently there is history there, yet they didn't know who Face and Murdock were and asked their names? That doesn't make sense. The boys are quite out of character as well. Murdock does not call Face "Facey". Also the shower scenes earlier, why did they not try to fight back? There was no mention of weapons at that point, Face and Murdock aren't that compliant.
12/15/2017 c13 13Frapper
Ouchy. I thought this story was complete. Bummer. My bad. (I hate reading incomplete stories, because I prefer binge-reading instead of waiting for updates.)
So, yeah, how are they going to get out now?
12/15/2017 c10 Frapper
What? Hannibal gets Murdock to the hospital but leaves Face behind? No way!
12/15/2017 c7 Frapper
Well, poor Frankie has a big mouth, but he has nothing to do with the kidnaping, as they took Face from the house, not from Murdock's. So, why it has to be his fault if they get hurt?
12/15/2017 c6 Frapper
Oh, no, you did it. Yuck. A quite rushed scene, but you did it. But Murdock seems to be made of steel, because after being beaten to a pulp, whipped, burnt and sodomized... he is still taking OK, and standing up, instead of being semiconscious and curled up into a bleeding ball. Wow. Who would have thought?

Please, don't do the same to Face... I don't want to read that. (oh, no, wait... train wreck, I have to watch it! LOL)
12/15/2017 c4 Frapper
I read four chapters already and I still don't know who those guys are and why they got them. Overall, their motivations and how they chose their targets don't make much sense. A little bit of background story would be nice, because it is a bit confusing.
I am intrigued by the description of "gang rape" and I guess that's their intention, to rape our boys, which makes me cringe, but at the same time, I have to keep reading (like watching a train wreck, haha).
The reading would be easier if the writing wasn't so linear and descriptive, because it stalls the story, and it doesn't flow like it should, even if the story itself is interesting. Maybe try to include more inner dialogue on what they are thinking or feeling, with clearer POV's, and don't clutter it with trivial, direct, literal details and descriptions such as "they got up and made their beds". Somehow, that looks like the literal descriptions for blind people, filling up the gaps between dialogue if they are watching an episode on TV! (which is not the case. Other kind of details would be better, more interesting and would be more colourful for the story.)
Also, in this chapter, you repeat the exact same thing for Murdock and Face re-shower scene. It looks weird, like a copy/paste changing the names. And I don't like how compliant they are. Face not trying to talk his way out of that? Naaah... That's not like him! LOL.

(Take all of the above as constructive criticism, please. But I think more in-depth reviews are more useful than a simple "well done, I like it" or "poor guys, I am so worry about them". Which I am, btw. Oops. Have to carry on reading now!)
9/12/2017 c12 4Sonny Quinn
I just had a chance to reread your story! I can't wait till you can update again!:)
12/1/2016 c10 92peppe1951
I can't believe that Hannibal and BA didn't search more thoroughly. And Murdock should have told about the rapes...they are going to find out once he is examined at the hospital
10/26/2016 c9 peppe1951
Well, hopefully they will rescue Face and Murdock and be able to take care of their wounds...
10/26/2016 c9 4Sonny Quinn
What are you doing to Face and Murdock?! When this torture end?!
10/21/2016 c8 8BnBfanatic
good story but seems very rushed. Could use a lot more detail. It also seems like English may not be your primary language because there are a lot of English and grammatical errors. Perhaps you will consider getting a Beta Reader to proof read it and fix them, it wld only improve your story.
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